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Long story short, I’m sorry to say it but I absolutely have a vendetta against anyone who thinks it’s okay to perfectly match the color, texture, or pattern of every aspect of their outfit. Newsflash, it doesn’t look well put together and quite frankly, you don’t look like you know what you’re doing. The rationalization is usually that if you match perfectly from head to toe, it’s a safe bet and you can’t be criticized. Well I’m here to tell you that the match-making days are over.

Or so I thought…


Cacharel Striped Blazer/Shorts Duo; Found @ Neiman Marcus


Theyskens’ Theory White Blazer/Shorts Duo; Found @ Neiman Marcus

Although I would never, ever encourage a stripe overload or chevron mania from the neck down or even worse, accessories in every form in the exact same shade, I must say that some very delicate overt matching might not hurt. In this instance, I’m referring to these amazing blazer-shorts duos. In theory, the striped jacket with the striped shorts would make eyes roll, but when you actually see it done for yourself, it’s actually pretty adorable and stylish. Same goes for the ultra white blazer with exact matching high-waisted shorts. Does this mean I’m changing my mind about the concept of over-matching? No way! Yet once in awhile you come across that great exception to the rules, and this one was meant to be shared.


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If you have any sense of street trends, you’ll know that one that has been spreading like wildfire is the watch trend. Big, chunky, flashy, sleek, crystal-detailed, glitzy watches are an absolute wrist-adorning necessity. There’s always the classic silver or gold band and faceplate but I think that springing for something a little more trendy and unique like a rose gold, tortoise, or the desirable white is going to stand out and is just that much more fun to wear. The white has been a big summer trend but I see the rose gold being a good transitional color into the fall season. Investing money in a good watch is a bit of a guilt-free task. Department stores like Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and fine designer stores carry the watches you’re going to spend a pretty penny on but the ones you’ll also be the most satisfied with.

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