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Lately I have been really into the “Chanel look”. You know the image – dainty quilted Chanel bag with single gold chain, dark jeans cuffed at the bottom with nude or black rounded-toe heels, a pretty ruffled top with gray fitted cardigan over it, buttoned up halfway. Or, for even more Coco flair, try a boxy, tweed blazer in blush, gray, cream, or navy and make sure it has either a really fun brooch or prominent gold buttons on it. Oh, and don’t forget about the string of pearls wound around the neck 2-3 times or just a plethora of pearls and pendants all mixed together. Also spring for some very chic, very big, and very dark sunglasses, some soft curls or a chic bun or loose ponytail with side-swept bangs for your hair, complete with a neutral nail.

Celebrity experimentation with different Chanel looks

Chanel runway looks

For a more formal and dressy look, a well-tailored A-line dress that stops above the knee in a subtle shade is going to embody the look of Chanel. It never hurts to throw a skinny black belt around your waist and dress it up even more with some stunning high heels. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Rachel Zoe adore this look and they execute it perfectly.

I hope my preceding and also proceeding tips on looking “Chanel” help you a bit in your ultimate quest to be classy and fabulous:

  • The ultimate peacoat, cropped or in a long length
  • Black tights or leggings, particularly in a more sheen material

    Rachel Zoe in Chanel tweed blazer

  • A high-waisted skirt, and tweed never hurt anyone
  • A satin top adorned with some type of bow, perhaps in satin
  • A few polka dots and some ruching never hurt the Chanel image either
  • A white layering jacket
  • Dainty accessories
  • A white button-down shirt underneath a fitted cotton sweater
  • Satin or leather gloves complete with matching hat to battle the frigid New York fall and winter weather
  • A fitted black blazer with dressy shorts and a tucked-in top; you never want hemlines too short
  • Lastly, you need to be well coiffed and have a whole lot of sophistication

Lauren Conrad in Chanel look


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