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Need to change up your weekend look? This may not apply to all of you but in my neck of the woods, the weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful! Therefore, choose your outfits accordingly.

Make your Saturday night outfit chic and unique by wearing a simple, solid-colored dress or a flowy shirt with leggings or dark wash jeans accompanied with HUGE accessories. I’m not talking just a chunky necklace or hoop earrings, I mean accessories whose size tips the scale a bit. It’s fun but not flashy because the rest of the outfit is kept simple.

Find fun accessories at asos.com; polyvore.com; shopstyle.com; topshop.com; H&M stores.


Brighten up your Sunday afternoon with a citrus-inspired top mixed with a fun and colorful, floral-patterned skirt or shorts. As in the following photo, a basic tangerine top paired with a floral peplum skirt and some cool turquoise jewelry gets you in the spirit of this time of year.


Whatever you do, mix it up and spice it up. It’s better that way.


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That’s right; there are about a hundred or more monikers for each unique look that is achieved through tying a scarf a different and creative way. We all are familiar with the basics – the one-loop, the classic drape, the European loop, the toss, and the infinity circle. However, tying your scarf the “celebrity way” or perhaps even as a “magic trick” or as the “Mira” or even in the form of “a boa” are ways that may be alien to many of you and more familiar to the rest of you than you think.

However, it takes a tutorial and seeing it done in action to remind you just how tying a scarf in an uncommon way can top off an outfit and make you look chic and stylish. I swear that scarf tying could be dubbed a craft that only those with the utmost skill should partake in. For those of you who don’t refer to it as a natural talent, you may want to take the 4.5 minutes and watch this video that I discovered. It’s undoubtedly the best tutorial video on scarf tying that I have ever watched. It’s concise, to the point, professional, well-edited, creative, and organized. I also like how at the end, you can click on each individual look and get the full, step-by-step verbal teaching of how to tie the scarf. I give her absolute props for coming up with what I deem as being the ultimate scarf tutorial in… history.

While on the subject of scarves, let me know what you think of these ascot-style scarves from Topshop. I am 150% obsessed with them and want to order one in every color. They are so preppy and classic and perfect for the ultimate accessory lover. They’re $28 a pop and well worth the indulgence!

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Ring in the new year with style and just a few (thousand) colorful sequins. If you’re in dire need of an NYE look, this amazing fitted shift dress has more pizzazz than the ball that’s dropped at midnight in the middle of Times Square. You can find it at topshop.com.

If you’re looking for something as equally shiny and dazzling but want to tone down the amount of color, try the following alternative choice from TopShop. This amazing bronze and black spiked and beaded dress has so much embellishment on it that it’s more than a dress, it’s literally like wearing body armor. Might not be a bad thing, ha! It’s different, it’s beautiful, and it’s anything but ordinary! Let the countdown to New Year’s begin…

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