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Stell McCartney Oversized Chunky Gray Knit Cape; $1,695

I was watching an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project the other day and couldn’t help but love the cozy Stella McCartney cape/blanket that she was wearing when gearing up to indulge in popcorn and a Twilight marathon with best pal, Joey. It seemed as though the popcorn wouldn’t have tasted as good nor would the movie have been as thrilling had she not been wrapped up in that, and I can truly say that I would absolutely understand why. The oversized cape is done well by any and all designers, but I think she takes the cake in this department. There’s just something about hers that make me want to be snuggled in one for days on the couch. I personally love this oversized gray one found from net-a-porter.com. It is a wool blend that is great for being casual in and around the house. It would be perfect with skinny jeans or leggings, and I love, love, love the hood on it. Anything considerably “chunky” is my kind of fall garment.


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Of all the colors in the rainbow, yellow is one that is probably most feared by even some of the most daring of fashionistas. Why? Because it’s intense, extremely vivid, it grabs attention right away, and some find it difficult to coordinate with other pieces. Indeed it is intense and vivid and odds are you’re going to turn your eyes to the yellow cardigan in the room of a sea of gray and ivory, but it’s not difficult to pull it off if you really put some effort into it.

Some people don’t think that yellow looks “right” on them. Although this may be nothing short of a valid statement, anyone can make the hue work if they know which shade of it compliments them the best. Daffodil yellow or the typical stark yellow you often associate with a classic Crayola crayon is not always the yellow you need to be sporting. A toned down yellow or one of less vibrance, often referred to as “mustard” can work when it’s regulated. If you’re a fair-skinned blue-eyed blonde, wearing a “buttery” yellow may not work in your best interest, but something more lemon or golden may work better for your complexion. A bright yellow button-down may not be professional or work appropriate, so pairing a white top with a yellow necklace or yellow heels with a very neutral outfit will give you the burst of color you need without being overpowering or making people squint when

Stella McCartney Carrington Patent Mid Heel Platform Sandal

they look at you. I wouldn’t ever recommend a yellow pant at all but a skirt or shorts in a more subtle shade would be nice when worn with a navy or gun metal shirt.

Mixing yellow with other bright colors or wearing too much of it without properly breaking it up (unless it’s a yellow special occasion dress or romper) may get you an eye roll of disapproval by those passionate about their fashion. Yellow is fun and can be very pretty but like with orange, it’s one of those colors that you need to be careful with how it’s worn and you need to figure out how it best suits you before spontaneously throwing on some wild yellow pieces topped off with other colorful accessories. I personally think that there is nothing cuter than a yellow pea coat or cropped  jacket with big buttons down the front. You can’t go wrong if you don’t approach it wrong. It’s a great summer shade to take advantage of while you can and in case you didn’t know, yellow is quite often associated with happiness so wear it and smile 🙂

Mischa Barton Sporting Her Yellow At A Past Christian Dior Show

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Having a closet full of Stella McCartney clothing and accessories is just one of many fashion pipe dreams of mine. Well, we all can dream, right? To add to my pain, I browsed the website and was literally drooling over her gorgeous collection. I hand-picked a dress with a matching handbag and heels to complete a neutral spring outfit that’s suitable for a day out shopping or a casual evening on the town with friends. It just so happens that the dress and shoes that I chose are a recommended pair by the website which I later found out. Guess it was meant to be!

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I know this is a little forward considering my posts to follow will all revolve around spring trends, but I had to at some point acknowledge two of my favorite looks from the Fall 2011 trends from Paris Fashion Week, seen and retrieved from Glamour Fashion Online. I was browsing through upcoming runway looks as well as street styles from Paris and wanted to share a couple of my favorites.

Who knew that enhancing the size of your hips would be so trendy and appealing?! Peplum skirts draw all eyes to the hip area, enhancing their shape with the power and magic of adding a little something extra to a typical pencil skirt. The construction of all of the subsequent looks are reminiscent of Dior 50’s style. For all women who are self-conscious of their waist size, the shape their hips already have, or the fact that they lack any hips at all, this skirt is the ultimate illusion to making it seem like you have the perfect hourglass figure! I adore structured clothing and this is a prime example of geometric art meets fashion.

Peplum skirts represented by separate designers Stella McCartney; Giambattista Valli; Miu Miu

My other favorite look came from the mod squad models who graced the runway. The bold, random placement and shape of color paired with black is what makes this look so retro and almost mysterious. I love the 60’s shift-style dresses and how, regardless of having a defined shape or slenderness, look great when paired with the right retro knee-high boots or ankle-strap heels. It’s like a cleaned up, simplistic modern way of representing mod at its finest.

Mod looks represented by separate designers Costume National; Yves Saint Laurent; Giambattista Valli


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