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Crazy combinations of bold, in-your-face prints, nostalgic shapes and colors, and a throwback to the style of clothing typically associated with another decade in time, Marni makes a mark at H&M. Officially available to the public through stores as well as online, Marni for H&M dares style lovers everywhere to be nothing other than bold in the separate pieces, ensembles, and quirky accessories that form the newest collection for the popular retailer. Whether it’s your print choice or color preference, spring is all about being bold. That’s it.

Be. Bold.


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Apparently spring is bringing about a blossoming trend of floral denim; I’m all for colored denim (as you’d know from previous posts), but I don’t know how I feel about printed denim, particularly floral denim. It just doesn’t scream “TREND!” to me. Nevertheless, I do have a soft spot for floral patterns on fun and feminine skirts. Paired with a solid top, they’re charming and beautiful.

Draped Viola Skirt; $98; Anthropologie.com

I especially love this one from Anthropologie with a faux wrap look known as the ‘Draped Viola Skirt’.

Simply fabulous.

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A few weeks back I clued you all in on the fact that Jason Wu made the very wise decision to translate his coveted couture pieces into a collection that is geared more toward the language of the mass markets (cue the excitement!) Well, if you haven’t heard the buzz or you didn’t remember from my previous post, the collection is now yours to buy. And yes, it’s yours to keep. I’ll tell you something, I cannot get over the idea that I will now be able to marvel over the Wu that will reside in my closet. Aside from the individual affordable prices, it’s mind-blowing to me that you can actually buy an entire outfit for no more than $100. Now that the collection is actually available, I was able to browse more of the pieces on Target’s website, whereas before, I was getting sneak peaks only. There’s a nice little myriad of shift dresses to choose from, my favorite being the one that is shown below. I love the fact that it has the fresh vibrancy to it with the spring tones of pink and yellow but it’s outlined with a bold black, which still constitutes a winter feel. It’s a good transitional piece between the seasons, which is a good way to ease into your spring wardrobe without feeling season shocked. Aside from clothes, Jason has created fabulous accessories, too. Some of his bags are geared more toward that boxy satchel and top handle look, which I think will be big in the spring. Go check it out at your nearest Target location!

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Want to have the perfect pair of post-winter shoes on standby when April weather rolls around? Whimsical, delicate, feminine ballerina flats are probably the ideal choice for easing into the season of blooming flowers and mild spring air. Although pastel colors, fun prints, and light fabrics are all typically representative of this season, I do predict that we’re going to be seeing a huge abundance of fun, playful, romantic, and ultra girly trends. Step out into spring with gorgeous flats adorned with dainty embellishments, sparkles, and arrays of beading.

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Arizona Muse, the model shown below, flaunts one of Mr. Vuitton’s newest designs from his cruise campaign. How can you not want to just eat up this adorable navy patterned romper with these AMAZING matching sandals that tie up the calf?! The entire look is so adorable. I feel that this is a look that is sure to be recreated by others. I know once again it’s early to be thinking of spring but I had to share this. J’ adore!

Louis Vuitton 2012 Cruise Collection

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