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We all know that floral prints are big this season; there’s no questioning that. However, did you know that lace is making a comeback like never before? I’ve pretty much immersed you in all things colorful, bold, and printed for the past month or two. However, lace is hellbent on expressing itself this spring and I can’t say that I have a problem with it! Lace is beautiful in dresses, skirts, even shirts. But what about shorts? Yeah, it sounds a little risque but they’re actually pretty adorable if you’re willing to take the plunge. Something else that people aren’t exactly eager to wear are floral pants. Shirts and dresses are one thing, but the blossoming print is something that can be a bit much if too much of it is worn. That’s why I ask, are floral pants, complete with roses, lotus flowers, and lilies a style that you wouldn’t mind experimenting with this spring?

Which do you prefer: lace shorts, floral pants, both, or neither? I’d be interested to hear your opinions!



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Betsey Johnson White Sailor Twill Shorts; $188

I was at the mall the other day and I must say, spring trends are emerging rapidly! It’s a good feeling to know that you can slowly start cleaning out your closet, have an excuse to do some frivolous shopping, and you can also bust out the sandals and peep-toe shoes! Remember back when I posted under “Michael Kors Love” and I said that Michael Kors had a laundry list of which future spring trends to look out for and the nautical trend was one of them? Well, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing nautical red, white, and blue stripes, anchors, and gold buttons in the mall. The whole navy/sailor style is really cute but something that I like more in moderation. I have to say though that the high-waisted, buttoned sailor shorts with cute ballet flats and big round-rimmed sunglasses is adorable. Also, I’ve got to say, my “Totally Turquoise” post was pretty dead on! I mentioned how I love the color turquoise combined with light neutrals and especially white and I was seeing a lot of pops of turquoise everywhere and I also came across entire sections of turquoise and aqua jewelry and accessories. Another trend I’m noticing is that spring cardigans are blooming everywhere and a lot of off-the-shoulder wovens for spring that could be worn with a camisole underneath. I’m also loving the plethora of chiffon in stores like Forever 21, Bebe, Express, and Macy’s. Heather gray, white, and beige cropped blazers are also saturating the racks. Many stores are still in that transition stage between winter and spring but it’s refreshing to see light fabrics, bright colors, and short-sleeves!

Steven Alan Gray Cropped Blend Blazer; $115.50

Also, on a side note, I thought it was important to mention something regarding clothing sizes. I know after a long winter of feeling like you’ve been hibernating in your sweaters and boots it can be tough to shed the layers and shop for a new spring wardrobe without feeling discouraged about sizes and numbers. Honestly, size is nothing but an indication of how something should generally fit you. It’s important to understand that not all brands and designers are universal in their sizes. A size small in a Nordstrom brand may be way smaller than a size small at Ann Taylor. For example, I usually wear anything between a small and a medium but can easily buy some large tops if I think they’ll still have a close fit but I’m buying a larger size for length so that I can wear the top with leggings or for more width in order to wear certain styles of shirt off-the-shoulder.

In fact, I bought three large shirts the other day while all the meanwhile I had a small and medium in my purchase pile. It really doesn’t make a difference what number your denim label has on it or if you’re a medium or a large. Variables like body type, style of clothing, fabric of clothing, where the clothing is manufactured, the brand like I mentioned before; all factors as to why your “regular” size can be on a much wider scale than you ever thought it would be. Whatever looks and feels best on you is your safest bet!

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