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Before your mind succumbs to the gutter, know this: “Night Walk” shoes are the innovative, wild, and brilliantly shaped heels that you’ve certainly seen before. If this isn’t ringing any bells, then think in terms of the “heels without a heel”. It sounds impossible, but Jeffrey Campbell has proven that it’s not. The genius design and construction of this shoe is one that is functional but still not necessarily the kind of shoes that are a walk in the park, so to speak. These edgy heels with a sweet Maryjane strap and some serious platform and curve catch your attention and maintain it. Over six inches high, these shoes are for serious fashionistas only. If you’re not graceful in your average three inch heels, then this may be a fashion statement you may not want to attempt. All others, wear them to your heart’s content.

Find these Jeffrey Campbell styles at http://www.solestruck.com


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Just when you thought Louboutin and McQueen were visionaries for inventive and wildly artistic shoes, wait until you check out SoleStruck, a shoe company based in Portland, Oregon that sells unique shoes from around the world. Their mission? “To rid the world of ugly shoes one pair at a time.” Their average prices are not ideal, but they’re well worth it and you get what you pay for. They boast brands like Ksubi, Heavy Machine, Rachel Comey, Dolce Vita, Maurie and Eve, Senso, Eighty Twenty, Cheap Monday, Jeffrey Campbell, Ego and Greed, and more. Colors, shape, symmetry, and cut-out configuration are all serious considerations for these works of wearable art. They have a Facebook fan page and a website with ample choices. http://www.solestruck.com/

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