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Yes, this may sound strange to you, considering we usually associate vending machines with stuffed critters, junky plastic toys, and sub-par candy, but believe it or not, there is an authentic, tangible, real-life vending machine located in Vegas where you can try to finagle the crane in just the right way and win yourself some fabulous Chanel goodies. I know, it sounds way too good to be true, but the truth is in the photograph. Thank you Rachel Zoe for posting this on your Facebook page! So cool. A trend like this with both major designers and other fashion brands could be a monumental hit. Now all we need are Marc Jacobs vending machines and we’re ready to go…

Rachel Zoe Taking Her Chances On Chanel Vending Machine In Las Vegas


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Rachel Zoe, boho chic queen and one of the greatest American fashion stylists of today, is someone who inspires me because of her love

Rachel Zoe

for the fashion industry as well as her impeccable style and work ethic. I absolutely love her new clothing line and the platform over-the-knee boots that she always rocks as a signature fall look is nothing short of fabulous. I stumbled upon this particular look and I had to share because it’s inspirational and so feminine and ultra stylish. That jacket is to die for and those boots are mind-blowingly tall, suede, and super fashion forward. The neutral color palette that she chose for the outfit is great for fall but also very refreshing where she was able to maintain a cozy look that doesn’t have to be too intense or subdued in color choice. To top it all off, that forest green Hermes Birkin bag is an undeniable show- stopper. Hello, queen of style.

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Lately I have been really into the “Chanel look”. You know the image – dainty quilted Chanel bag with single gold chain, dark jeans cuffed at the bottom with nude or black rounded-toe heels, a pretty ruffled top with gray fitted cardigan over it, buttoned up halfway. Or, for even more Coco flair, try a boxy, tweed blazer in blush, gray, cream, or navy and make sure it has either a really fun brooch or prominent gold buttons on it. Oh, and don’t forget about the string of pearls wound around the neck 2-3 times or just a plethora of pearls and pendants all mixed together. Also spring for some very chic, very big, and very dark sunglasses, some soft curls or a chic bun or loose ponytail with side-swept bangs for your hair, complete with a neutral nail.

Celebrity experimentation with different Chanel looks

Chanel runway looks

For a more formal and dressy look, a well-tailored A-line dress that stops above the knee in a subtle shade is going to embody the look of Chanel. It never hurts to throw a skinny black belt around your waist and dress it up even more with some stunning high heels. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Rachel Zoe adore this look and they execute it perfectly.

I hope my preceding and also proceeding tips on looking “Chanel” help you a bit in your ultimate quest to be classy and fabulous:

  • The ultimate peacoat, cropped or in a long length
  • Black tights or leggings, particularly in a more sheen material

    Rachel Zoe in Chanel tweed blazer

  • A high-waisted skirt, and tweed never hurt anyone
  • A satin top adorned with some type of bow, perhaps in satin
  • A few polka dots and some ruching never hurt the Chanel image either
  • A white layering jacket
  • Dainty accessories
  • A white button-down shirt underneath a fitted cotton sweater
  • Satin or leather gloves complete with matching hat to battle the frigid New York fall and winter weather
  • A fitted black blazer with dressy shorts and a tucked-in top; you never want hemlines too short
  • Lastly, you need to be well coiffed and have a whole lot of sophistication

Lauren Conrad in Chanel look

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Stell McCartney Oversized Chunky Gray Knit Cape; $1,695

I was watching an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project the other day and couldn’t help but love the cozy Stella McCartney cape/blanket that she was wearing when gearing up to indulge in popcorn and a Twilight marathon with best pal, Joey. It seemed as though the popcorn wouldn’t have tasted as good nor would the movie have been as thrilling had she not been wrapped up in that, and I can truly say that I would absolutely understand why. The oversized cape is done well by any and all designers, but I think she takes the cake in this department. There’s just something about hers that make me want to be snuggled in one for days on the couch. I personally love this oversized gray one found from net-a-porter.com. It is a wool blend that is great for being casual in and around the house. It would be perfect with skinny jeans or leggings, and I love, love, love the hood on it. Anything considerably “chunky” is my kind of fall garment.

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Studded-Back Platform Over-the-Knee Boot by Rachel Zoe; $695

The new Rachel Zoe collection at Neiman Marcus is pretty impressive, particularly the shoe sub-collection. With so many chic styles to choose from, you can go from small to tall when talking in terms of boots, or settle for something in between. This studded-back platform over-the-knee boot in black suede is

Black Suede 'Bella' Bootie by Rachel Zoe; $425

nothing short of extreme. Only serious fashionistas, and daring ones at that, can confidently pull off the sexy silhouette of this stunning stiletto boot. The inverse, an ankle-high side-studded black suede bootie with a platform heel, is great for being fashion forward for fall without having to work up quite as much courage. I warn you, they’re a bit pricey, but both are nothing short of fabulous.

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No, for all you online and catalog shoppers, this post is not referring to shipping & handling, don’t worry. It’s a short way of giving you the cue for my new post category: shoes & handbags! I want to try to frequently post my favorite choices for eye-catching shoes with handbags that compliment them well, even if they’re not intended to go together. I can’t make it a point to post an “S&H of the Day” because between a hectic academic and work life with a relationship thrown into the mix, it’s tough to post every day on things that I find that are worth talking about. Therefore, I’ll do it as much as possible and the posts for them will be brief and pretty nondescript. The choices that I show you may be on the expensive side but you can always find a designer look in a knock-off version under a different brand; and by knock-off I don’t mean counterfeit. There’s a HUGE difference. For instance, a counterfeit bag is one that is cheap quality and made to look like a replica of say, a Chanel bag, and it’s passed off as being a genuine one when it isn’t. A knock-off is like mimicking an idea or design and taking a high-fashion runway look (haute couture) or other couture pieces and creations from well-known, high-end designers and imitating them for pret-a-port fashion. This is how more affordable brands and certain companies carry the mass-produced clothing and accessories that we love. It’s taking a trend and making it into something that everyone can afford and enjoy without the label. Therefore, if you see an amazing new pair of springtime Louboutins with a Versace bag and you love them both but can’t afford the steep price tag, you can always do some searching and find similar looks for better prices. If you have trouble finding something you’re searching for, don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment and I’ll help you out!

So here’s my S&H worth knowing about:

L.A.M.B. Lively, $345 (amazing shoe and happens to be stylist Rachel Zoe's pick on Piperlime's website)


Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier hobo, $398 (another one of Rachel Zoe’s picks)

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