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Classic Black Chanel 2.55 Purse

Who doesn’t love the iconic 2.55 Chanel bag? Face it, we all do. And I will be the first person to admit that I am not a fan of everyday small purses. A clutch or small bag for a special occasion or night out is completely necessary and understandable, but for day-to-day, I just don’t find them to be realistic. However, the 2.55 Chanel bag is the exception to all rules. I don’t care how scarce in size it may be; it is such a classic bag that it resonates as a “Chanel” bag even when you see one that looks similar but really isn’t a genuine Chanel design. Unfortunately though, we can’t all afford a Chanel purse without breaking the bank. Knock-off designs are always going to be your best bet. Sure, they’re not half as fun as the original, but they still suffice to a certain degree. A quilted design with a shoulder chain and a little metal emblem in the front is such a hassle-free and bulk-free way to transfer the few necessities when going out for a few hours or strolling the streets of the city to engage in some window shopping and product sampling. The elegance of the look of one of these purses is INSANE. So where can you buy this style, void (sadly) of the Chanel label? Asos.com has a good selection as well as Etsy.com and even Modcloth.

Try to find one in a classic black, taupe, plum, or ruby.

Authentic Classic Chanel 2.55

Knock-Off Chanel Design Quilted Purse from Asos.com


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