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Need to change up your weekend look? This may not apply to all of you but in my neck of the woods, the weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful! Therefore, choose your outfits accordingly.

Make your Saturday night outfit chic and unique by wearing a simple, solid-colored dress or a flowy shirt with leggings or dark wash jeans accompanied with HUGE accessories. I’m not talking just a chunky necklace or hoop earrings, I mean accessories whose size tips the scale a bit. It’s fun but not flashy because the rest of the outfit is kept simple.

Find fun accessories at asos.com; polyvore.com; shopstyle.com; topshop.com; H&M stores.


Brighten up your Sunday afternoon with a citrus-inspired top mixed with a fun and colorful, floral-patterned skirt or shorts. As in the following photo, a basic tangerine top paired with a floral peplum skirt and some cool turquoise jewelry gets you in the spirit of this time of year.


Whatever you do, mix it up and spice it up. It’s better that way.


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Who loves the neon trend?! I sure do! Years ago, neon was so taboo and a throwback to the 80s, which some may love and others may not. Neon can sometimes be thought of as tacky, loud, obnoxious, unprofessional, and risky. Well, it’s funny how things change so swiftly with time, eh? Take a second to realize that neon is not so bad and the world therefore needs to quit bludgeoning its reputation. Just with any color, pattern, or fabric trend, wear it sparingly and with good taste. An overload of anything is probably going to make anyone cringe with horror and dismay, so as the old adage goes, less is more. In other words, if you want to rock the neon trend, then do it! Just start out with a neon accessory, like a watch or bracelet or scarf. Once you’ve become comfortable, spring for the bright top you’ve been eying at Neiman Marcus or totally buy yourself a loudly hued handbag. Personally, I think neon shoes make any outfit a little wild and a little fun. When I said that less is more, I meant it, so please, please, please be conscientious when wearing neon. Mixing colors is one thing but mixing neon colors derives from a completely different set of fashion rules.

Here’s a whole lot of neon rolled into one shoe by Brian Atwood:

Brian Atwood Alima Neon Patent Leather Pumps; $795

Need more neon footwear? This link to polyvore.com has an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G selection.


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