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Awhile back I posted about Paris fashion trends for fall of 2011, one of which involved the ultra feminine and structured peplum skirt. If you feel comfortable in pencil skirts but also love the fun of pleats and flare, the peplum is like the lovechild of the two. Not only is this stacked look with a flared top over a fitted bottom a favored look for skirts and dresses, it’s also becoming big with shirts, believe it or not, where the flare sits at the bottom and the body hugging happens at the top.




It’s also fun to pair a peplum shirt with a regular pencil skirt. Monochromatic peplum dresses or two-toned peplum dresses inspire a vintage, classic, and lady-like silhouette. Celebrities love the look and you may find yourself sporting peplum this spring and summer.


Array of Peplum

Peplum Shirt With Pencil Skirt


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