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Classic Black Chanel 2.55 Purse

Who doesn’t love the iconic 2.55 Chanel bag? Face it, we all do. And I will be the first person to admit that I am not a fan of everyday small purses. A clutch or small bag for a special occasion or night out is completely necessary and understandable, but for day-to-day, I just don’t find them to be realistic. However, the 2.55 Chanel bag is the exception to all rules. I don’t care how scarce in size it may be; it is such a classic bag that it resonates as a “Chanel” bag even when you see one that looks similar but really isn’t a genuine Chanel design. Unfortunately though, we can’t all afford a Chanel purse without breaking the bank. Knock-off designs are always going to be your best bet. Sure, they’re not half as fun as the original, but they still suffice to a certain degree. A quilted design with a shoulder chain and a little metal emblem in the front is such a hassle-free and bulk-free way to transfer the few necessities when going out for a few hours or strolling the streets of the city to engage in some window shopping and product sampling. The elegance of the look of one of these purses is INSANE. So where can you buy this style, void (sadly) of the Chanel label? Asos.com has a good selection as well as Etsy.com and even Modcloth.

Try to find one in a classic black, taupe, plum, or ruby.

Authentic Classic Chanel 2.55

Knock-Off Chanel Design Quilted Purse from Asos.com



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Steve Madden Leopard Wingtips; zappos.com

Ever wish there was a shoe that could weather the winter snow and cold without having to be in the form of a boot or sneaker? Don’t you wish that ballerina flats were just a little bit more appropriate and well-equipped for all the slosh and chill of this time of year? Well, apparently the new shoe fad comes in the form of the “Brogue” and although it’s being called the “new ballerina flat”  I personally categorize it as being a hybrid of the ballerina flat and your classic saddle shoe.  Brogues are apparently the chic new style of shoe that lace up and come in pretty much any color, pattern, and texture that you can think of. I have to admit that some are incredibly dated looking and seemingly unattractive and you would never catch me walking around anywhere with them hugging my feet; HOWEVER, I have a weird soft spot in my heart for some of the Brogue styles and I can actually envision myself wearing them once in awhile on a very casual basis. They’re good because they’re enclosed and have a lift to them, unlike your classic flat. The added protection from the elements plus the extra support makes them a little more functional than the flat, but not nearly as cute. I would still choose a ballerina flat over these any day, but I can’t say that I would write these off right away either.

Metallic-Trim Two-Tone Flats; modcloth.com

So how exactly would you pull these off, dare you ask? Well, for one, if they’re in a solid color and have a decent texture, you can wear these with short skinny jeans, leggings, or jeggings. A t-shirt with a good fit (preferably from somewhere like American Apparel) with a chunky layering piece, oversized cardigan, or a casual boyfriend blazer with some sort of chunky necklace or a thinner scarf tied in a fun way would make for a stylish, feminine, and casual look that the shoes would appropriately mesh with but that wouldn’t take away from the contemporary feminine style that you tend to exert to the world. Despite the external cold, if you plan on being someplace most of your day where the indoors are nice and toasty, you could always go for a dressier look and be a little edgier by pairing black tights with high-waisted dress shorts complete with a tucked-in long-sleeved top with jabot or sailor collar with leather brogues. Indeed not an everyday shoe, but one that will make a different kind of statement on the right occasion. Although I’m a true-blue high heel girl, I’m going to have to go ahead and adore this style.

Tweed Lace-Ups; asos.com

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