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Thanks to a day off and a little researching and browsing on my part, I stumbled upon what seems to perhaps be a new trend in heels: the flare. Neiman Marcus has been introducing it now with fashion labels like Miu Miu and Prada boasting the funky design. As most prefer and are familiar with stiletto, pump, or block heel shapes, the flared heel is making its mark for fall and just may be the heel you’ve been waiting for all along. It’s certainly not traditional and is very reminiscent of a retro era in time, which may work against the trend in some ways. Either way, I commend fashion designers for creating new and refreshing twists for the upcoming fashion seasons so that we’re not seeing the same things that we did last year because, let’s be quite honest, that’s not fun at all. Now I’m just curious to see if we’ll be seeing some knee-high boots with flared heels…


Prada Mary Jane Flared Pump


Miu Miu Platform Flared Loafer


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The nice thing about fashion is that you can really get creative with it, which is a bit on the obvious side. However, too creative can be overwhelming and give mixed signals about your style. Too much creativity can just make an outfit clash and be confusing and even hard on the eyes. Then again, not everything needs to match to a T and not everything has to be straight-laced and predictable. The rule of thumb is that you can throw anything into the mix with neutrals and you really can’t go wrong. Mixing burgundy with a dark grey and beige shoes makes for a cute and sophisticated color palette, but it risks being a little boring if you’re trying to liven up an outfit for the night. You can still remain reserved while adding in pops of color and (gasp!) omit the neutrals altogether. How is this possible might you ask? Hence the perfect example in photo right. The wine-colored top with peasant sleeves that taper at the wrist actually complements her forest green-colored Miu Miu skirt quite nicely. The colors are amazing together, even with the kind of complicated pattern on the front of the skirt. Don’t feel too accomplished at this point because, although you may have done well with being brave enough to pair these hues, you need to add in the shoes. And no, not brown or black. Try something totally outrageous. Who knew that these sparkly cantaloupe pumps would top off this outfit? It is, in fact, a flawless look, but one that you need to put some thought and time into in order to actually make it work out well. Breathe new life into an outfit by slowly replacing a standard color with something more vibrant.

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I know this is a little forward considering my posts to follow will all revolve around spring trends, but I had to at some point acknowledge two of my favorite looks from the Fall 2011 trends from Paris Fashion Week, seen and retrieved from Glamour Fashion Online. I was browsing through upcoming runway looks as well as street styles from Paris and wanted to share a couple of my favorites.

Who knew that enhancing the size of your hips would be so trendy and appealing?! Peplum skirts draw all eyes to the hip area, enhancing their shape with the power and magic of adding a little something extra to a typical pencil skirt. The construction of all of the subsequent looks are reminiscent of Dior 50’s style. For all women who are self-conscious of their waist size, the shape their hips already have, or the fact that they lack any hips at all, this skirt is the ultimate illusion to making it seem like you have the perfect hourglass figure! I adore structured clothing and this is a prime example of geometric art meets fashion.

Peplum skirts represented by separate designers Stella McCartney; Giambattista Valli; Miu Miu

My other favorite look came from the mod squad models who graced the runway. The bold, random placement and shape of color paired with black is what makes this look so retro and almost mysterious. I love the 60’s shift-style dresses and how, regardless of having a defined shape or slenderness, look great when paired with the right retro knee-high boots or ankle-strap heels. It’s like a cleaned up, simplistic modern way of representing mod at its finest.

Mod looks represented by separate designers Costume National; Yves Saint Laurent; Giambattista Valli


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