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Whistles Nina Pocket Overcoat

For reasons unstated yet understandable, the color orange is actually the least desired hue among most adults. However, I’ve been observing a lot of pops of orange emerging among fine leather handbags and ready-to-wear pieces that are so cute and fabulous that it just makes you want to dress yourself in orange from head to toe. While browsing some of the holiday collection at Michael Kors, I could not help but notice the multiple burnt orange colored handbags and wallets in the display window. I went on to notice the color in other window displays of other big names. I did some research online and found that many styles of clothing had the “tangerine option” in case you wanted to branch out beyond the usual black, white, or navy.

Although I liked the color as a child and outgrew it very quickly,  I do think that it has an attention-grabbing and fierce quality about it that is going to be more popular than you may think when the winter blues wash away. I might be jumping the gun on color forecasting, but the bright tangerine color is one that I think is sure to be a hit for spring/summer. We all need  a little orange in our wardrobes sometimes, right?

Michael Kors Medium Bedford Ostrich Embossed Dressy Tote in Tangerine

All of these tangerine looks can be found at:




Chloe silk crepe de chine blouse

Mini Bow Shirt Dress

Tangerine Flare Skirt Dress


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What better way to embrace the fall season as well as the month of October? A fabulous pea coat, I would say! I think that finding the perfect coat with impeccably placed oversized buttons is a way to not only keep the chill out of your bones but to also look fall fashionable. Try a creme color or something with a fun pattern. If you prefer to go with something bolder and darker, go with a charcoal over black. Save the black for winter and use fresh and light alternatives while you can.

Modcloth.com coat in creme

Although a great coat is a must-have for fall, don’t neglect the other necessities. In my opinion, the top five things (aside from a great coat) that you need include:

1. Boots- both flat and a pair with heels in an over-the-knee and a bootie. Avoid mid-calf boots at all costs. They don’t do justice for anyone’s legs.

2. A cute hat, whether it’s a fitted cap or a more baggy, slouchy beanie style cap.

Sonia Rykiel Flower Cap from Nordstrom; $115

3. SCARVES. These are an absolute MUST. Try an infinity scarf, a traditional scarf, a wool one, a chiffon one, acrylic, knit, fringe, no fringe, solid color, color block, pattern, long, short, triangular; heck, MAKE YOUR OWN. Get creative and have them for both casual and dressier looks. Add a brooch or pin for some pizazz.

4. Leggings. I know this sounds pretty rudimentary, but if you think about it, leggings are all important when it comes to the fall. It’s not quite so cold out yet that they’re going to leave you with goosebumps all over but you also have to consider that you are going to be wearing boots, and leggings are ideal for wearing boots with because you don’t have to tolerate the annoying bunch and scrunch of tucking jeans into boots that hug your calves. Also, fall is the time of year where you can get creative with some faux leather leggings, gray leggings, or even thicker wool leggings. You can purchase them in 19 million different ways than your basic black and now is the time to do so.

5. An amazing chunky cardigan. Nothing embodies the season of foliage, pumpkin-picking, and hot lattes more than a chunky, cozy, stylish cardigan. It’s never a bad idea either to have a few in different styles and colors. Try one with snaps, one with large buttons, one with toggle closures, one with a zipper, or one with a waist tie. Three-quarter sleeves, long-sleeves, cropped cardigans or long, no matter what, you can’t really go wrong.

Michael Kors chunky cape cardigan; $150

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I just wanted to acknowledge the wedded bliss between Michael Kors and his partner, Lance LePere, as they officially got married Tuesday on the beach in Southampton, NY. MK had announced on August 4th that he was going to marry Lance when same-sex marriage became legal in New York. Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers; I’m ecstatic for him!

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If you have any sense of street trends, you’ll know that one that has been spreading like wildfire is the watch trend. Big, chunky, flashy, sleek, crystal-detailed, glitzy watches are an absolute wrist-adorning necessity. There’s always the classic silver or gold band and faceplate but I think that springing for something a little more trendy and unique like a rose gold, tortoise, or the desirable white is going to stand out and is just that much more fun to wear. The white has been a big summer trend but I see the rose gold being a good transitional color into the fall season. Investing money in a good watch is a bit of a guilt-free task. Department stores like Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and fine designer stores carry the watches you’re going to spend a pretty penny on but the ones you’ll also be the most satisfied with.

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It’s never bad for your health to soak up the glitz and glamour of the daytime hustle and bustle of the city as well as the fun of its nightlife, as long as it’s done in the right fashion. These two 2011 collection campaign ads from DKNY and Michael Kors showcase what the fall of 2011 is sure to represent. A campaign ad is worth 1,000 words.

DKNY Fall 2011 Collection Campaign

Michael Kors Fall 2011 Collection Campaign


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Bebe has once again stolen my heart and my wallet. My S&H segment is based upon to-die-for killer heels and a

Dita Gilded Slingback from Bebe, $198

stunning handbag. The heels are more like a work of art rather than wearable shoes. They’re a steep $198 but well worth it if you can afford it. I love the top lift embellishment on the heel and although they look difficult to walk in I’m sure they’d be a piece of cake for all of you heel-walking gurus. They’re called Dita Gilded Slingback and they do come in alternative colors if that’s what tickles your fancy because I know that everyday black can seem boring but these shoes are far from boring, regardless of the color.

The handbag that I selected is one that I think would go well with the trim on the shoe as well as the heel itself. It’s by none other than Michael Kors and it’s called the Tonne Large Shoulder Tote and if I could have one wish, it would be for this bag to be about $900 cheaper than it retails for! It’s $995 but beautifully crafted with champagne leather and lots of stylish hardware. They still have some in stock online if you’re interested!

Michael Kors Tonne Large Shoulder Tote, $995

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I, along with thousands, love Michael Kors. I mean, who doesn’t?! Anyway, I found this video on his YouTube page for his Spring 2011 ad campaign and I thought it was cool because it’s different. It has minimal narrating but you get to see a quick clip of some of the clothes on two models as well as his bags for the new spring line. One of them looks familiar to me, perhaps because I recently received it as a gift! The large Hamilton tote is seen in the ad although it’s slightly different. It’s featured below in a black shade.

Check out his website for new spring collections and merchandise: www.michaelkors.com 

Some of the featured (and absolute cutest) spring trends that I’m sure you’ll be seeing not only with Michael Kors but with designers, brands, and in stores everywhere soon, include biker chic, brights, luxe comfort, spring safari, seasonal sequin & shine, and nautical blues & tye-dye looks. His safari looks and new line of 2011 sunglasses are especially among my favorite!

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