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It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about spring trends. After all, we’re at the tail end of winter and March will be here before you know it. This is the perfect time to set aside a date to engage in some spring cleaning and start thinking in “nice weather mode” when shopping for clothes and accessories. I know it’s tempting to still want to purchase that adorable sweater or those Steve Madden boots you’ve been eying over and over again, but your realist self needs to remember that you have tons of that stuff in your closet now and by next winter, the trend may have taken a completely different turn. Invest your money (and time) in buying pieces here and there that are spring suitable until you have a collection worth drooling over (and one in which the possibilities can be endless!) Need some help with what to buy? With the help of my research and the forecasts that I stumbled upon from some serious sources such as Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour.com, I want to share with you the styles and trends that you should keep a lookout for in the upcoming months.

Gatsby Inspired

Tory Burch

Hue Awareness: Bold Colors and Classic Pastels and Sorbets

Victoria Beckham

Marc Jacobs

Colorful Camo

Derek Lam and Lela Rose

                Bold Prints: Flower and African

Jason Wu

Zero Maria Cornejo


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A little fashion 411 for you all: Marc Jacobs, who was appointed creative director at Louis Vuitton in 1997, was recently given the opportunity to take over the coveted position that was once held by John Galliano at Dior. Choosing between Vuitton and Dior is like choosing between cupcakes and brownies. As one could imagine, Marc Jacobs is an amazing candidate since he’s a fashion genius, but turns out he turned down the offer and decided to sustain his time with Vuitton. His reasoning?

 “I am at Vuitton, and I am very happy there. I’ve been saying that for a long time. There have been on-and-off conversations about Dior. I don’t know; maybe someday in the future, maybe years from now, I may end up going someplace else, maybe Dior. But right now I am at Vuitton, and all that matters to me is that that’s where I am and I’m going to keep doing my thing.”

Not to mention that Mr. Jacobs is not as much of a fan of couture as you would predict. He basically explains that he respects what it is but feels that the creativity that you derive from making couture pieces can be found in ready-to-wear and when it comes down to it, couture designing is not as opportunistic as ready-to-wear because of the fact that there is not an ample demand for couture, couture is limited in the sense that it lacks an array of all different looks and pieces, and “there’s no advertising” with couture. His argument is a good one but the world of fashion does rely on the high-fashion creations of designers and the custom-made pieces that make you drool and pave the way for many ready-to-wear pieces.

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BluMarine Raffia Heels

Don’t be mad at me for rubbing super cute spring shoes in your face while we’re just on the cusp of boot season, but I can’t help but revel in these genius styles. From Derek Lam to Marc Jacobs to Proenza Schouler and Victoria Beckham, these designers came up with looks that are crazy and imaginative. For spring I’m used to pastel hues and fresh and simple looks; with these, however, everything is very bold, rich in color, and make a strong statement. In the words of Christian Dior,

“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”

Proenza Schouler Black Wedges

Derek Lam's Black and White Wedges

Tory Burch Printed Kitten Heels

Victoria Beckham's Seriously Sexy Heels

Marc by Marc Jacobs' Wedge "Heels"

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Looking to invest in anything crafted by the brilliant Marc Jacobs but aren’t looking to spend a bundle? I absolutely love his line of Turnlock Katie bracelets. They’re a great treat for yourself or a nice gift for a friend. They’re beautiful and stylish and wouldn’t make a bad stocking stuffer either 😉

Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Katie Bracelets

Shop these bracelets at:





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Sorry guys, it’s been awhile but I promise that this will make it up to you! You all know I love the fall and I also love Marc Jacobs so I wanted to share a sneak peak of his women’s wear fall/winter collection for this year. The video below is a brief overview of the fashion show that he held a few months back along with his personal commentary on the collection. If you follow this link, http://www.marcjacobs.com/lookbooks/collection-rtw/womens-fw11-rtw/_video/, you can actually watch it in full.

Check out those structured military jackets, wedge boots, wrist gloves, and head pieces! Not to mention the fabric of the knee-length skirts that a lot of the models are wearing. Marc mentions in the video that he always used felt, felt, and more felt and wanted to experiment with something different so he instead used fabrics like vinyl and even rubber. Ironically, Marc states that he feels some of the pieces are “kind of ugly and kind of gorgeous at the same time.” Either way, he’s brilliant!

I also love the nostalgic appearance of his FW11 ads with Elle Fanning and Lowell. Love, love, love.

(Images retrieved from Marc Jacobs website)

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Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the Marc Jacobs FW11 Fashion Show on February 14th.

Gotta love the process! He’s truly amazing.

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