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Kim Kardashian sporting torn bootleg jeans, cuffed at the bottom

Over the weekend, I decided to wear some cute dark Seven jeans with a black top, black cropped cardigan, white flower pin, and black patent leather BCBG pointed-toe heels. HOWEVER, the pants weren’t quite fitting right and unless we’re talking about dress pants for work, I’m not a fan of hemming jeans because you never know how they’ll fit with different types of shoes. Therefore, I like to come up with temporary fixes so that the length hangs without being too short or bunching up at the bottom. Low and behold, that’s where the power of cuffing comes in! I cuffed my jeans with the outfit I described and I loved it; it added some flair and looked really cute. Cuffing is my new best kept secret. The same goes for sleeves, whether it’s on a regular long-sleeved blouse or even a thin enough blazer. I usually cuff them 2 inches up, but you can do a smaller one, one big one, whatever you want. I think that it has a retro feel to it and I’ve been noticing the trend on some celebs lately, particularly Ms. Kim Kardashian. So, the question is pretty rhetorical but I’ll still go ahead and answer it for you. Adore or ignore? Without a doubt, adore!


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My award for the best dressed person at the Critic’s Choice Awards goes to the one and only Kim Kardashian. I thought she looked beyond fabulous and vivacious in her sizzling red/orange Vera Wang gown. It was a wide plunging V-neck satin dress with a layered ruffle train. I thought that she looked beautiful and I love that she has bangs now! It’s a fresh, updated look in comparison to her usual center-part. Her dark locks compliment a vibrant color like this one. She always looks stunning but I love this look on her and the dress is so fresh and certainly not something you see on just anyone on a Red Carpet!

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Kim Kardashian launched her new line of jewelry for Bebe both in stores and online. The pieces are beautiful and make a statement. I especially love the hoop earrings and the necklace that is anchored down by the attached ring; so unique, eye-catching, and elegant!


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