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ImageThe newest issue of Elle magazine, featuring Katy Perry against an eye-catching pink background on the cover, is necessary for anyone interested in fashion on all levels. There are 600 pages of fashion-filled goodness, with no exclusions. Everything you need to know about ready-to-wear fall trends and what’s hitting the runways for this season is included in this mega issue. The designer and brand advertisements alone tell a story about emerging trends and what we can expect in months to come. By flipping through the magazine’s pages I have a clear idea of what silhouettes, cuts, styles, prints, colors, and fabrics I should be on the lookout for. Sacrifice the $4.99 you would normally be spending on a latte or macchiato tomorrow and instead invest it in this issue of Elle.

You won’t regret it.


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What did you guys think of the show last night? I loved it! I actually think it was better than last year’s; that’s the thing about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, they’re always making it bigger and better. Can you believe that they were considering doing away with having the girls wear wings? WHAT?! That would have been so disappointing and taken away a special element of the show. It was nice watching Chanel get her wings for the first time. There are so many models that it’s crazy to me when they all come out at the end for the finale that there is such a large number because it doesn’t seem like it throughout the show since you see a lot of the same girls coming out in different outfits.

There were celeb sightings in the audience, including the Hilton sisters, actress Malin Akerman from 27 Dresses, and Adam Levine, who was there to support model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna. Katy Perry and Akon put on great performances; Akon’s song Angel was very suitable for the angelic segment of the show. It was beautiful! I also like how Katy opened and closed the show, with her closing medley of appropriate songs for the “Pink” segment of the show. It was cute, bubbly, and youthful, to say the least. Unfortunately, Katy got a lot of flack for her part in the show, with people making rude comments about how she looked “fat” in comparison to the models and that she needs to get herself into shape. HOW RIDICULOUS. She has a great body and not one body type is perfect or ideal. It’s sad that people need to always push their negative opinion for no reason like that.

It always seems like the show flies by! Just when you’re settling in, it’s practically over 😦 Either way, their ideas for segments this year were great, from the “Athletic” one accompanied by a remix of a Lady Gaga song, to the ultra girly “Pink” one to their “Angelic” one. I think the “Wild” segment trumped them all, being my favorite at least. I loved it and thought it was so vivacious and sexy and stylish. I posted on my Facebook page how the song choice of “Vox Populi” by 30 Seconds to Mars was perfect and I was so excited that they chose a song from a band that I happen to love! You can’t go wrong with good music and glamorous fashion. I can’t get over how much meticulous detail and long hours must go into something so aesthetically enhanced. Who was your favorite model? Alessandra Ambrosio? Adriana Lima? What was your favorite look? I loved the first one below that I posted, with Alessandra wearing the “wild” wings.

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