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A few weeks back I clued you all in on the fact that Jason Wu made the very wise decision to translate his coveted couture pieces into a collection that is geared more toward the language of the mass markets (cue the excitement!) Well, if you haven’t heard the buzz or you didn’t remember from my previous post, the collection is now yours to buy. And yes, it’s yours to keep. I’ll tell you something, I cannot get over the idea that I will now be able to marvel over the Wu that will reside in my closet. Aside from the individual affordable prices, it’s mind-blowing to me that you can actually buy an entire outfit for no more than $100. Now that the collection is actually available, I was able to browse more of the pieces on Target’s website, whereas before, I was getting sneak peaks only. There’s a nice little myriad of shift dresses to choose from, my favorite being the one that is shown below. I love the fact that it has the fresh vibrancy to it with the spring tones of pink and yellow but it’s outlined with a bold black, which still constitutes a winter feel. It’s a good transitional piece between the seasons, which is a good way to ease into your spring wardrobe without feeling season shocked. Aside from clothes, Jason has created fabulous accessories, too. Some of his bags are geared more toward that boxy satchel and top handle look, which I think will be big in the spring. Go check it out at your nearest Target location!


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It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about spring trends. After all, we’re at the tail end of winter and March will be here before you know it. This is the perfect time to set aside a date to engage in some spring cleaning and start thinking in “nice weather mode” when shopping for clothes and accessories. I know it’s tempting to still want to purchase that adorable sweater or those Steve Madden boots you’ve been eying over and over again, but your realist self needs to remember that you have tons of that stuff in your closet now and by next winter, the trend may have taken a completely different turn. Invest your money (and time) in buying pieces here and there that are spring suitable until you have a collection worth drooling over (and one in which the possibilities can be endless!) Need some help with what to buy? With the help of my research and the forecasts that I stumbled upon from some serious sources such as Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour.com, I want to share with you the styles and trends that you should keep a lookout for in the upcoming months.

Gatsby Inspired

Tory Burch

Hue Awareness: Bold Colors and Classic Pastels and Sorbets

Victoria Beckham

Marc Jacobs

Colorful Camo

Derek Lam and Lela Rose

                Bold Prints: Flower and African

Jason Wu

Zero Maria Cornejo

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Remember the level of elation you felt last year when Zac Posen announced that he would be launching his mass merchandise collection for Target? Or how about how you felt when you found out about Missoni for Target or Versace for H&M? Well, get ready for some feelings of nostalgia when I tell you that Jason Wu is following in those brilliant footsteps and launching his line for Target on February 5th. This is the very first time that Wu has ever done a type of collaboration like this and we’re surely happy as hell that he is doing so. Save your grievances over not being able to own any pieces from the coveted designer for a rainy day because now Jason Wu is in your reach. And no, this is not a dream and his Target collection is not a mirage. The reason Wu, Posen, and other designers have opted for this type of

Jason Wu For Target

collaboration with major retailing companies is because they want the opportunity to be able to expand their target market and be more affordable and attainable to the majority of the masses. Anyone can admire a Jason Wu original design, but only few can actually afford to shop his designs on a regular basis. It’s not like he’s selling out his couture pieces and “one of a kind” designs to a mass market for a mere fraction of the cost; instead, he’s simply designing an entirely new collection that still represents his style and brilliance as a designer and shows that he can be dynamic in his design for all facets of the fashion industry. As he stated in an article, “My goal was not to duplicate anything from my main collection. Instead I designed completely new clothes and accessories that reflect my taste and have a voice of their own” (NY Times).

Oh, did I mention the best part? Nothing is over $60. No, that wasn’t a typo. You read it correctly with your own eyes. The collection remains centered around the value of maintaining a feminine look with cinched waistlines and inspiration from French new-wave films.

There you have it. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for February 5th. The Wu is coming.

Jason Wu Resort 2012 RTW Collection

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