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I love this picture and I love this outfit. Don’t you sometimes wish you lived in a place void of the skeptical eyebrow raise and that openly accepted every trend, style, and high fashion look there is? Wait, I wish that ALL of the time. I don’t know that this skirt would be a good fit walking through the city of Boston but at least this style can inspire something a little more modified for an everyday ensemble. The draped top with the open back and the backwards hanging necklace is amazing in and of itself. If you have even a more standard skirt or shorts of any fabric, this look would still translate well with strappy heels or ballerina flats. I would actually love this outfit to wear out on a summer night if the skirt was brought up to sit above the knee. Honestly though, what I love most is that soft rose pink hue. Sometimes I want so badly to wear pink but wearing a “baby pink” or “hot pink” can make me feel really juvenile and I’ve got to say, for the moment I’m over fuchsia (sorry!) Therefore, this is a great alternative; it’s feminine and sophisticated. Love it!


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How stinkin’ cute are these low heel “Beverly” pumps by Tory Burch? I don’t know what I like more: the stripes, the mustard hue, the bows, or the shape of the overall shoe. Actually, most of all I think I like the fact that one of my personal favorite fashion bloggers posted this to Tory Burch’s Facebook page (thanks Atlantic-Pacific!)

So cute. So stylish. So springy. Get ready.

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Photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue, January 2008

I love this photograph; it greatly expresses one of this season’s trends (one of which we cannot stop talking about) in a more high fashion manner. Love the prints and love those vibrant colors.

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