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Let’s face it: shoes make an outfit complete. As stylist Brad Goreski mentioned in one of his episodes of his new show, It’s A Brad, Brad World, shoes make the outfit. You can have a simple shirt on with jeans and the most outrageous and fabulous shoes, and the outfit instantly has new life to it. Heels of crazy structures, colors, textures, etc. take the mundane and take them to the next level. However, your shoes don’t necessarily have to look like an Alexander McQueen design or be wild and innovative like Jeffrey Campbell in order to be different. If you want a change, try a new pattern for size. Houndstooth on a shoe or Chevron speak for themselves and the shoe doesn’t have to have boatloads of decadence, tons of glitter, or a fin on the back (a little extreme, but hey) in order to make a statement and completely transform an outfit. Pattern trends that may become a big hit come the new season include the following:


Prada Gradient Flat


Houndstooth T-Strap Flats


Chevron Print Peep-Toe Heel

Cut-out (Gradient)

Gradient Cut-Out Heel


Paisley Print Aldo Ankle-Strap Heel


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Alexander McQueen is the only person who can create a houndstooth overload look like this. I don't recommend combining this much, but you get the idea. Use it sparingly.

Houndstooth, better known as the black and white checkered pattern that originated in Scotland, is most popular on coats, scarves, and other accessories.

However, I’m a fan of houndstooth booties, pencil skirts,

Houndstooth coat from laposhstyle.com

and blazers. I think it’s a great pattern and one of few that can remain neutral in black and white but also add such a pop to a solid outfit. Love this fun pattern. Don’t let it intimidate you.

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