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Need to change up your weekend look? This may not apply to all of you but in my neck of the woods, the weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful! Therefore, choose your outfits accordingly.

Make your Saturday night outfit chic and unique by wearing a simple, solid-colored dress or a flowy shirt with leggings or dark wash jeans accompanied with HUGE accessories. I’m not talking just a chunky necklace or hoop earrings, I mean accessories whose size tips the scale a bit. It’s fun but not flashy because the rest of the outfit is kept simple.

Find fun accessories at asos.com; polyvore.com; shopstyle.com; topshop.com; H&M stores.


Brighten up your Sunday afternoon with a citrus-inspired top mixed with a fun and colorful, floral-patterned skirt or shorts. As in the following photo, a basic tangerine top paired with a floral peplum skirt and some cool turquoise jewelry gets you in the spirit of this time of year.


Whatever you do, mix it up and spice it up. It’s better that way.


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H&M really is capturing my heart these days. I can’t help but love all of these collections they’re coming out with and the leaps and bounds they’re taking with their style choices. I saw a sneak peak from the lookbook of their new 2012 Exclusive Conscious Collection, which will only be available in select stores on April 12th, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

The collection says enough for itself. Think: vivid colors, sharp silhouettes, and cool cuts and fabrics. Here’s a little glimpse. Enjoy.

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What did you all think of the debut of the newest show “Fashion Star” last night?! I loved it! I think it’s a unique concept and something fantastic for fashion lovers to indulge in. Many of the buyers were really critical, in my opinion, resulting in a lot of “no offers” when bidding time came for each designer’s pieces, but then again I can understand that they’re investing in something major for their company so they have specific qualifications that they keep in mind when deciding. And yes, you really can purchase these as of today in all H&M stores and online. However, keep in mind that these designs are selling out fast since they caught so much attention and popularity through the show. I checked online for the EP 1 dress designed by Sarah and it’s no longer available on the website! Not only is it an amazing design but it’s also set at an amazing price!

EP 1 Dress by Sarah; $19.95 at H&M

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Crazy combinations of bold, in-your-face prints, nostalgic shapes and colors, and a throwback to the style of clothing typically associated with another decade in time, Marni makes a mark at H&M. Officially available to the public through stores as well as online, Marni for H&M dares style lovers everywhere to be nothing other than bold in the separate pieces, ensembles, and quirky accessories that form the newest collection for the popular retailer. Whether it’s your print choice or color preference, spring is all about being bold. That’s it.

Be. Bold.

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I’m thinking that my next best investment in the world of fashion would have to be in nothing other than a leather bomber jacket. Whether they’re hip-length or cropped, I think that they’re adorable, trendy, and a little edgy. You can find a great bomber jacket for the tail-end of winter leading into the cool days of spring anywhere from TJMaxx to Zappos.com to Forever21 to H&M to Macy’s. They also don’t just come in your traditional black color either; you seem them in a variety of colors now, from moss to plum to chocolate to fawn. Although some are expensive, if you’re looking to purchase one for a price that won’t put a hole in your wallet, you’ll certainly be able to find one because fashion is dynamic like that; there’s always something for everyone’s style, size, and price range.

Juicy Couture Cropped Bomber Jacket from Zappos.com

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