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Just when you thought Louboutin and McQueen were visionaries for inventive and wildly artistic shoes, wait until you check out SoleStruck, a shoe company based in Portland, Oregon that sells unique shoes from around the world. Their mission? “To rid the world of ugly shoes one pair at a time.” Their average prices are not ideal, but they’re well worth it and you get what you pay for. They boast brands like Ksubi, Heavy Machine, Rachel Comey, Dolce Vita, Maurie and Eve, Senso, Eighty Twenty, Cheap Monday, Jeffrey Campbell, Ego and Greed, and more. Colors, shape, symmetry, and cut-out configuration are all serious considerations for these works of wearable art. They have a Facebook fan page and a website with ample choices. http://www.solestruck.com/


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Check out this innovative and edgy line of footwear called Heavy Machine that I heard about from FashionTribes.com. The design of each shoe is unique and very structural, with inspiration drawn from industrial machine structures and bold and defined shapes. They’re self-proclaimed heels with comfort that are better known as being “shoes comfortable enough to run away in”. They derived their name from the idea that sexy, stylish heels should be lightweight and less harmful to your physical posture and your spine and feet. However, it’s a tough achievement to come across since we all know that beauty is pain and women all over the world sacrifice their health and comfort for looking good; i.e., a desirable heel is like a “heavy machine” that drives women crazy enough to choose fashion over physical wellness. Sounds drastic but their concept is understandable and one that has led them to distinguish themselves and show a profound devotion to art and fashion by women everywhere.

The prices are a bit steep but check out the crazy aesthetics and avant garde appeal of each individual shoe. They remind me of Marc Jacobs’ “backwards heels” shoes!


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