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You can’t have flowers in bloom without sunlight just in the same way that you can’t have a fashionably completed look without the right beauty and hair trends to accompany it. If anyone knows fashion and beauty best, it would be Harper’s Bazaar. The top nine trends, according to their website, include:

1. Perfect Skin

2. Bouncy Blowouts

3. Smoky Metallic Eyes

4. Center Hair Parts

5. Full Brows

6. Bright Lips

7. Sleek Hair Buns

8. Winged Eyeliner and Lashes

9. Ponytails

It seems that the trend is all about sexy meets sophisticated, and all are very striking and fashion-forward looks. It’s the season for bold and strong so use these looks as inspiration and assemble a new fall look for yourself!


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Sadly, the world lost an icon today. Elizabeth Taylor, the classic violet-eyed beauty and an Academy Award-winning actress, born in England in 1932, passed away due to congestive heart failure at the age of 79. She has certainly left a legacy which will never be forgotten. Although her work and essence is a little beyond my time, I still adore and appreciate the iconic style and impeccable acting that she graced the world with. I especially loved her role as Cleopatra in 1963. Once England entered the second World War, Elizabeth and her family moved to the States where she went on to appear in her first motion picture at the age of nine. Aside from her plethora of films dating back decades ago that she has starred in, she also appeared in daytime television soap operas and actually played the occasional voice of Maggie on The Simpsons. She was also well-known for her stage work, her serial marriages to seven different husbands, her fragrances, “White Diamonds” and “Passion”, and most importantly, her humanitarian work with her AIDS charities.

In Harper’s Bazaar’s March 2011 edition, there was an actually an article that featured an interview of Elizabeth by Kim Kardashian where she probed about Elizabeth’s many husbands, jewels, starring roles, fragrances, and if you can believe it, her fascination with her Twitter account! Elizabeth owns one of the most iconic jewelry collections in the world and she loves ’70s-style sunglasses. She gushes about her love for comfortable clothing that can be glammed up with the ease of jewelry. I wanted to know what some of her favorite personal looks were and discovered through some research that her 1970 Oscars Edith Head lavender dress is among her top choices and she always loved wearing some of her Cleopatra costumes for evening looks offset! She will truly be missed.



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