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This may sound cheesy, but I felt an overwhelming sense of joy today when I was able to step outside and walk down the street without feeling the discomfort of heat and humidity; the fact that temperatures are seeming to become more tame hopefully means that fall will be in full swing sooner rather than later (although I still have some waiting time either way). Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, cozy fall sweaters are something that I highly anticipate this time of year, but in addition to sweaters, cardigans are a huge fall staple. To top off this chilly and relaxing Sunday night I wanted to share this crossover cardigan with you all from Bebe.

Crossover Drape Stripe Cardigan from Bebe; $89

It’s a traditional drape cardigan with a twist and I love the chic, relaxed, yet sophisticated look of it. It just struck me as one of those items that you love so much that you can’t fathom it being anywhere else other than in your closet. I also love that they made it into an even more stylish look by adding the chunky metal wristwear.

Oh fall, we cannot wait for your arrival!


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This time of year is the most exciting yet most frustrating for me at the same time – I’m excited at the thought of fall being right around the corner but knowing that it’s too soon to start reveling in fall fashion is infuriating to the core, to say the least. Although it may surprisingly be a bit too soon to start doing all of your fall shopping, it’s never too soon to start stocking up on oversized, super comfy, stylish sweaters. We still have yet to see all of the amazing trends for the fall season; of course we’ve seen the sneak-peaks and previews and it’s obvious by the way of color and prints how our wardrobes may be for the upcoming season, but there’s still so much to behold that I try to put my shopping off until at least mid-September. However, you can never go wrong with a sweater for this time of year and despite any and all trends, a sweater in any shape or color is a staple for your closet. As the season draws closer, I’ll make some recommendations on who may have the better selections for these classic frocks, but as for now, if you do see a great pre-season sweater in your shopping travels, don’t pass it by – you’ll always get plenty of use out of it.


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Stell McCartney Oversized Chunky Gray Knit Cape; $1,695

I was watching an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project the other day and couldn’t help but love the cozy Stella McCartney cape/blanket that she was wearing when gearing up to indulge in popcorn and a Twilight marathon with best pal, Joey. It seemed as though the popcorn wouldn’t have tasted as good nor would the movie have been as thrilling had she not been wrapped up in that, and I can truly say that I would absolutely understand why. The oversized cape is done well by any and all designers, but I think she takes the cake in this department. There’s just something about hers that make me want to be snuggled in one for days on the couch. I personally love this oversized gray one found from net-a-porter.com. It is a wool blend that is great for being casual in and around the house. It would be perfect with skinny jeans or leggings, and I love, love, love the hood on it. Anything considerably “chunky” is my kind of fall garment.

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Ahh, the fall. Now until Thanksgiving is the time to embrace fall fashion before it gets a little too frigid outside. Look fall-ready with these adorable peep-toe booties and a little ankle exposure with these slightly shorter leggings. A manageable look for brisk fall temperatures but not below freezing ones. Take advantage of the unique look of these “booties” while rocking a hot manicure while you still have time to! The best of both worlds and a definite look worth looking at.

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What better way to embrace the fall season as well as the month of October? A fabulous pea coat, I would say! I think that finding the perfect coat with impeccably placed oversized buttons is a way to not only keep the chill out of your bones but to also look fall fashionable. Try a creme color or something with a fun pattern. If you prefer to go with something bolder and darker, go with a charcoal over black. Save the black for winter and use fresh and light alternatives while you can.

Modcloth.com coat in creme

Although a great coat is a must-have for fall, don’t neglect the other necessities. In my opinion, the top five things (aside from a great coat) that you need include:

1. Boots- both flat and a pair with heels in an over-the-knee and a bootie. Avoid mid-calf boots at all costs. They don’t do justice for anyone’s legs.

2. A cute hat, whether it’s a fitted cap or a more baggy, slouchy beanie style cap.

Sonia Rykiel Flower Cap from Nordstrom; $115

3. SCARVES. These are an absolute MUST. Try an infinity scarf, a traditional scarf, a wool one, a chiffon one, acrylic, knit, fringe, no fringe, solid color, color block, pattern, long, short, triangular; heck, MAKE YOUR OWN. Get creative and have them for both casual and dressier looks. Add a brooch or pin for some pizazz.

4. Leggings. I know this sounds pretty rudimentary, but if you think about it, leggings are all important when it comes to the fall. It’s not quite so cold out yet that they’re going to leave you with goosebumps all over but you also have to consider that you are going to be wearing boots, and leggings are ideal for wearing boots with because you don’t have to tolerate the annoying bunch and scrunch of tucking jeans into boots that hug your calves. Also, fall is the time of year where you can get creative with some faux leather leggings, gray leggings, or even thicker wool leggings. You can purchase them in 19 million different ways than your basic black and now is the time to do so.

5. An amazing chunky cardigan. Nothing embodies the season of foliage, pumpkin-picking, and hot lattes more than a chunky, cozy, stylish cardigan. It’s never a bad idea either to have a few in different styles and colors. Try one with snaps, one with large buttons, one with toggle closures, one with a zipper, or one with a waist tie. Three-quarter sleeves, long-sleeves, cropped cardigans or long, no matter what, you can’t really go wrong.

Michael Kors chunky cape cardigan; $150

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