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Just when I thought my favorite accessory couldn’t get any better, it certainly did. Scarves are great outfit enhancers for any season and for most occasions. Heck, I’m even wearing scarves in this hot summer weather! (granted they’re chiffon, but come on, that’s pure accessory dedication right there) Although I’ve seen and heard of them before, I was reintroduced to the infinity scarf last night while watching a special on television for the Kardashian’s “K-Dash” line of clothing. One of their last featured items was their infinity scarf, which I LOVED. They’re a definite stock-worthy item for the fall. Just as with any other type of scarf, you can buy one that’s crocheted, that’s chiffon, viscose, polyester, whatever, you name it.

The key to an infinity scarf and the trait that makes it different is the fact that it’s designed as a giant loop, hence the term infinity, so when you put it around your neck, you can let it hang in one, long loop or you can double and even triple it up, which is where it becomes fun. Finding good ways to tie a scarf can be a bit of a challenge (although it shouldn’t since I posted that video for you guys, column right!) but with the infinity, it’s a no-brainer; just throw it around your neck a few times and go. It instantly makes any outfit stand out. I love them, and I know they’ll be a popular item to complete all your fall looks this season. You can even get extremely creative with it and loop it around your hips, twist it mid-torso, and hook it around your neck to make for a look that goes beyond your traditional scarf.

I need to purchase one but in the meantime, since I’m so anxious to try the look, I figured I could create my own makeshift infinity scarf with a regular one. You can do it too, it’s easy. Simply take the ends of your scarf and either tie them securely together or use a safety pin to hold them if the material is too thick. Voila! You have an infinity scarf. You then just proceed by wrapping it and looping it however many times you wish and with a little added work, you get the same look. Just make sure the tied ends are behind your neck and not hanging in the front! For even more flair, take a decorative pin or flower and fasten it to the scarf in the front after you’ve looped it. Told you it’s an exciting trend 😉

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