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How crazy looking yet unique and creative are these Christian Louboutin 4.7 inch heels?! From the colors to the pattern, it literally reminds me of something from elementary school that I may have doodled in art class with the triangular ridges and whatnot. It’s inspiration comes from the vibrant Mexican culture. No one else but Christian Louboutin could pull off a design like this on a 4-figure shoe and have it still be stylish and fabulous. This spring is pretty much “no holds barred” where any colors or crazy looks go, so the bold and striking look of these heels fit right in. Just to give it that much more personality (as if it needs it) he goes on to throw in some zebra print on the inner sole of the shoe. Why not, right? Although all his shoes catch my attention, this one really had me. I just had to share with you all!

Happy Fashion & Happy Thursday 🙂


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Image Credited to Vogue.com

No, Christian Louboutin is not turning 20 years old but he did, in fact, just recently celebrate 20 years of his iconic, amazingly crafted, distinction of shoes- the one and only Christian Louboutin brand high heels. Additionally, he launched his new self-titled book which is a must-have for anyone who is the ultimate fan of his lacquer red soled works of modern art. He has just the perfect recipe for designing and creating sky-high stilettos that sustain the ability to still appear classy as well as sexy. The book contains dramatic still-life photography, fancy pop-up work, and a sassy foldout cover. It seems as though everything that this man puts his mind to and hands on is instant high fashion and sinfully desirable by women everywhere who know a thing or two about contemporary style.

Christian Louboutin Book, $92

Those in attendance at the anniversary party included celebrity Louboutin addicts such as the Olsen twins, Calvin Klein, Amanda Brooks, Lauren Remington Platt, and more. After mingling with friends and fans over talk of footwear, pumps, and platforms and doing more than a few book signings, he wined and dined with pals like Blake Lively, Alicia Keys, and Swizz Beatz.

Christian Louboutin and MaryKate and Ashley Olsen (Vogue.com)

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As Glamour.com article writer, Meghan Gustashaw, insists, you should have 10 staple types of shoes in your closet so that you can pretty much be ready for any situation that emerges unexpectedly. Although I agree with her well-stocked list, I sometimes think about the fact that you can never truly get by with only ten pairs of necessary shoes. If you quadruple that number and then double it, then maybe we’ll be in some form of business. We all know that the most essential of all is the basic black pump. Although this is true,

Tory Burch 'Jude Logo Back Pump' in basic black; $295 at http://www.neimanmarcus.com

wouldn’t you think that it’s also just as necessary to have a basic black platform, stiletto, pointed-toe, peep-toe, rounded-toe, and in matte leather, patent leather, suede, and even reptile leather, just for kicks? A basic black heel is a fundamental to any fashionable wardrobe, yes, but think about just how broad that is and how different occasions call for different types of “basic black heels”. Makes a bit of sense, right? I suppose if you aren’t quite the analytical thinker like I am then you wouldn’t have journeyed on ten different paths about what it means to have a basic black heel. If you’re not, consider yourself lucky. More options means tougher decisions. Maybe Meghan was smart in deriving such a concise and straightforward list of essential shoes that every girl should have. Well, here it goes:

    1. Nude peep-toe pumps
    2. Black city boots (either flat or with a small heel)
    3. Ballet flats
    4. Wooden platform sandals
    5. Canvas sneakers
    6. Black pumps
    7. Metallic sandals
    8. Suede booties
    9. Flat, leather sandals
    10. Gorgeous and gleeful “work-of-art” shoes
    If you lack more than half of the listed shoe options in your very own closet, then take a little extra money and give yourself an excuse to get shoe shopping!

Any Christian Louboutin heel is a "work-of-art". Sequined Platform Pump; $1,695 at http://www.neimanmarcus.com

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Christian Louboutin's "Winter Trash"; Fall-Winter '11 Pre-Collection

I apologize in advance because the title to this post is terribly misleading. However, give me a second to explain and it’ll all make sense to you and I guarantee you that you’ll want your hands on some Winter Trash and Sobek. I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of the Christian Louboutin Fall-Winter ’11 Pre-Collection! It’s starting to sound better now, right? I thought so. These sky-high heels are my favorite from the pre-collection and they give you a reason to look forward to the fall’s cool weather and winter’s snow and gloom. He truly is a modern-day Albert Einstein of the fashion world.

Christian Louboutin's "Sobek"; Fall-Winter '11 Pre-Collection

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So I made a little discovery in an online article that may interest some of you; it’s about how Christina Louboutin shoes got that trademark cherry red sole. No, it wasn’t just a marketing-savvy move that Christian himself came up with knowing that it would earn millions. In all actuality, Louboutin started business in 1991, and two years later he decided to create a shoe that was inspired by Andy Warhol’s “Flowers”. A pink stacked heel with cartoon-looking blossoms was the prototype and something about the completed shoe was not right. He felt as though something more needed to be added to it in order to make the pattern stand out and to allow the shoe to really accentuate the theme and its coloring. The classic black sole was not cutting it, so thankfully there was a girl nearby who was painting her nails red and from that moment on, Christian Louboutin knew what the key to his success with this shoe and all those to follow would be; a red sole. He took that bottle of nail polish and painted the prototype away and low and behold, the rest of the shoe popped, and it was the missing factor he was looking for this entire time. From there on out, every pair of Christian Louboutin heels carries a trademark red sole, letting all onlookers know right away that the heels on your feet are not only pricey but a creation from one of the most respected shoe designers out there right now. As Louboutin himself says, “Men are like bulls. They cannot resist the red sole!” A pair of Louboutin heels average around $700 and they’ve been labeled “sex on a stiletto” and credited with making a woman’s legs actually appear longer. Who knew!? It makes you curious to know which brand of red nail polish started this whole phenomenon.

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