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Call it obsession, call it appreciation, call it whatever you want – I love fashion photography and I think that everything about an artistic, stylish, and beautiful photograph is fascinating. I especially appreciate vintage pictures because they take you back to an era in time and style that you may have never experienced and one that will never occur again, regardless of the cycle of trends. To capture so much meaning and inspiration in a still shot says a lot, and I could honestly browse through vintage photos for hours. They’re so fun and influential. I can’t get enough of the cat eye sunglasses in this first picture. The second picture actually comes from an amazing and new exhibition called “Stars en Dior” which views Christian Dior and his relationships with some of the most iconic stars of cinema. The exhibit opens tomorrow and ends September 23rd at the Christian Dior Museum in Granville, France.



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BluMarine Raffia Heels

Don’t be mad at me for rubbing super cute spring shoes in your face while we’re just on the cusp of boot season, but I can’t help but revel in these genius styles. From Derek Lam to Marc Jacobs to Proenza Schouler and Victoria Beckham, these designers came up with looks that are crazy and imaginative. For spring I’m used to pastel hues and fresh and simple looks; with these, however, everything is very bold, rich in color, and make a strong statement. In the words of Christian Dior,

“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”

Proenza Schouler Black Wedges

Derek Lam's Black and White Wedges

Tory Burch Printed Kitten Heels

Victoria Beckham's Seriously Sexy Heels

Marc by Marc Jacobs' Wedge "Heels"

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La Rose Moderne Collection

There really is nothing more exciting than seeing all of the new couture looks straight from the runway for the upcoming seasons. You almost feel like you’ve been handed a golden ticket for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Here’s a peak at the Christian Dior Fall/Winter ’11/’12 Collection. This haute couture collection is entitled “La Rose Moderne” and it was debuted during Paris Fashion Week. The forerunner of runway fashion has recently been the notorious headpiece, which you’ve seen in other collections. All of the models are adorned with quirky and artsy headgear that really do “top” off each look. This collection seems to be all about structure, balance, shape, and some unlikely color schemes that for some reason just work.

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Of all the colors in the rainbow, yellow is one that is probably most feared by even some of the most daring of fashionistas. Why? Because it’s intense, extremely vivid, it grabs attention right away, and some find it difficult to coordinate with other pieces. Indeed it is intense and vivid and odds are you’re going to turn your eyes to the yellow cardigan in the room of a sea of gray and ivory, but it’s not difficult to pull it off if you really put some effort into it.

Some people don’t think that yellow looks “right” on them. Although this may be nothing short of a valid statement, anyone can make the hue work if they know which shade of it compliments them the best. Daffodil yellow or the typical stark yellow you often associate with a classic Crayola crayon is not always the yellow you need to be sporting. A toned down yellow or one of less vibrance, often referred to as “mustard” can work when it’s regulated. If you’re a fair-skinned blue-eyed blonde, wearing a “buttery” yellow may not work in your best interest, but something more lemon or golden may work better for your complexion. A bright yellow button-down may not be professional or work appropriate, so pairing a white top with a yellow necklace or yellow heels with a very neutral outfit will give you the burst of color you need without being overpowering or making people squint when

Stella McCartney Carrington Patent Mid Heel Platform Sandal

they look at you. I wouldn’t ever recommend a yellow pant at all but a skirt or shorts in a more subtle shade would be nice when worn with a navy or gun metal shirt.

Mixing yellow with other bright colors or wearing too much of it without properly breaking it up (unless it’s a yellow special occasion dress or romper) may get you an eye roll of disapproval by those passionate about their fashion. Yellow is fun and can be very pretty but like with orange, it’s one of those colors that you need to be careful with how it’s worn and you need to figure out how it best suits you before spontaneously throwing on some wild yellow pieces topped off with other colorful accessories. I personally think that there is nothing cuter than a yellow pea coat or cropped  jacket with big buttons down the front. You can’t go wrong if you don’t approach it wrong. It’s a great summer shade to take advantage of while you can and in case you didn’t know, yellow is quite often associated with happiness so wear it and smile 🙂

Mischa Barton Sporting Her Yellow At A Past Christian Dior Show

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Although brief, I have a new found love for this video that represents Christian Dior and Balenciaga fashion from the 1950s. The styles that they show in this video bring about a nostalgic sentiment even though I obviously never lived during that era of time! I think it has to do with the fact that fashion has come full circle, and more than once. You see these vintage styles used and recycled with a contemporary twist all of the time in runway shows today. I have always adored the ’50s era of time mainly due in part for the fashion and post-war innocence. Fashion runway shows haven’t always been around in the format that we’re so used to seeing today. Decades and centuries ago, “fashion parades” were generally what were used to show off the latest looks by top designers, particularly in Paris Couture salons. Americans really spawned the trend of runway shows (don’t be so shocked! The French don’t do it all in fashion, you know). Anyway, I love the “Dior shoulder line”, the “wool ensembles” and that satin cocktail dress is to die! Also, did you notice the opening line in this video?: “Fashions push politics off the front pages in Paris” ..hm, interestingly enough, my blog name is not a play on words from this newsreel yet I find it interesting that I created a distinction that actually had significance in the social news of the world in the ’50s when fashion rose to such a height that it overthrew the importance of politics in the news. :)!

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Can we just take a moment to bask in the pure imaginative fashion that designer John Galliano has created? He actually is a designer for Christian Dior and he has taken avant-garde to a new level. I LOVE these featured looks from the haute couture show recently held in Paris. The whole collection is almost a hybrid of fantasy fashion meets realistic winter ensembles. I pulled these pictures from Glamour.com and had to share them. Every look is perfectly executed and they resemble extreme ways in which I wish I could dress without getting the brow raise from the general public. The models’ makeup is flawlessly applied and they look like China dolls walking down the runway. The colors of the dress are stunning yet soft and glamorous, the overcoat is deep and luscious, and the mid-length skirt is sharp and the gray top with complementary belt and arm gloves scream elegance and class. Love, love, love!

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