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This look is not only cutesy, ultra stylish and casual, it’s also attention-grabbing, believe it or not. Yes, it stems from mainly a neutral palette; however, that great tailored top has a cute print to it and it goes well with the dark wash jeans, gray infinity scarf, and adorable black and white tote. The chic bun that she twisted her hair into and the rather unexpected camel plaid print ankle shoes give the look some unique character. It’s very effortless, comfortable, and although it’s so simple, it shows that the person wearing the outfit knew exactly what they were doing when they got dressed that morning. Makes me eager to take my pup for a stroll this upcoming Sunday afternoon! I absolutely love this photograph and I hope you do, too.


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A chic bun + a fierce, structured blazer = sophistication. Obsessed. End of story.

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