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Valentino Patent Leather Round Toe Bow Pumps; $775

Oh Valentino and Saks Fifth Avenue, thank you for providing the masses with amazing shoes and amazing handbags, particularly created by the lavish Valentino.

Valentino Demetra Patent Leather Top Handle Bag; $2,345

I’m legitimately drooling over these amazing rose-colored Valentino Patent Leather Round Toe Bow Pumps. You know how I feel about bows so throwing a bow into the equation with Valentino + patent leather pumps equals one amazing shoe that is worth admiring for a few minutes. Throw in this rose-colored Valentino Demetra Patent Leather Top Handle Bag and let’s just label it nothing short of heavenly.


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Almost a year ago, I published a post that got a lot of recognition by followers and one that I think a lot of people favored. It was my post on rain boots and since where I am it’s currently raining cats and dogs (literally, it’s New England after all), I thought it would be appropriate to put the spotlight on the best wellies this side of town! Tom Joules designs the absolute cutest rain boots; so much so that you pretty much cross your fingers for some precipitation just so you can show them off. I personally love all the color combos. Which is your favorite?

Tom Joules Wellies; Forest green adorned with red bow


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I know as well as you do that we all have a girly vice, whether it’s the adornment of ruffles, the love of ruching, or feeling cute with a classic bow in some way, shape, or form. I know that ruffles can seem very juvenile in their raw form, but really when they’re not in overwhelming numbers and on the correct placement of a garment, they’re dainty, cute, and add some flair to a look. Refer to the following examples:

This cute top above comes from Penny’s Online Shop and the dark edges of the ruffles in the front spices up the look of a typical striped basic button-down blouse. It’s very glamorous and can be worn with dark work pants, jeans, and would actually also look fashion-forward with a high-waisted pencil skirt. It’s a versatile look that can be played up for work or played down for going out for casual dinner. I received a few tops from Dress Barn, Rampage, and Express that were adorned with ruffles at the neckline. I particularly adore the mini-belted skirt. Ruffles can even be seen as embellishments on shoes, too!

Another one of my current obsessions is ruching on just about any and everything, from blazers to dresses to shirts to even scarves. I think that ruching is flattering on anyone and makes the body look curvy, trim, and well structured. Ruching at the hip of wedding dresses is a huge trend that I see all the time on “Say Yes to the Dress”. The following are some examples:

Lastly, who doesn’t love a bow?! I think that adding a bow to anything is a perfect final touch. I’ve been crazy about bows lately, especially tying my scarves into bows, tying fun fabric into bows on my wrist or a silk bandana or handkerchief into a bow around my neck. Taking a chiffon scarf and tying it into a bow around the smallest part of the waist or at the hip is a great substitute for a belt and adds some spunk to a plain shirt and makes it a style all your own. They also make for great hair accessories and they’re adorable on the heels of shoes. It kind of seems like the possibilities are endless!

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