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Rena Contrast Suede Platform Pump from Bebe; $149

Can’t decide whether or not to rock a basic black or neutral nude? It’s fine, you can have your cake and eat it, too thanks to these amazing two-toned suede pumps from Bebe. I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to a slew of these in all different color combos to kick start my fall style 🙂


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This may sound cheesy, but I felt an overwhelming sense of joy today when I was able to step outside and walk down the street without feeling the discomfort of heat and humidity; the fact that temperatures are seeming to become more tame hopefully means that fall will be in full swing sooner rather than later (although I still have some waiting time either way). Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, cozy fall sweaters are something that I highly anticipate this time of year, but in addition to sweaters, cardigans are a huge fall staple. To top off this chilly and relaxing Sunday night I wanted to share this crossover cardigan with you all from Bebe.

Crossover Drape Stripe Cardigan from Bebe; $89

It’s a traditional drape cardigan with a twist and I love the chic, relaxed, yet sophisticated look of it. It just struck me as one of those items that you love so much that you can’t fathom it being anywhere else other than in your closet. I also love that they made it into an even more stylish look by adding the chunky metal wristwear.

Oh fall, we cannot wait for your arrival!

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Okay, so let me start off by saying this – I apologize to my readers and followers about my absenteeism for the entire month of July. I realize that I did not update or post anything new for at least a few weeks now, as I have been busy with work and other things. Of course this is no excuse to keep you guys out of the loop and I have never let such a substantial amount of time ever go by in the past between my posts. Where I have always been a fairly frequent blogger, I plan on continuing with that from here on out. I hope to update you all 2-3 times per week with the latest trend and fashion news, per usual. It’s a great turning point in the season and I’ll be sure to have an abundance of things to blog about for fall! Thank you to all of those who follow my blog and browse back on previous posts; I appreciate your interest and support.

Now let’s kick this off…

As you all know, color has made a major comeback in recent times and each season always has its standout hues that we just cannot get enough of. Mid-summer seemed to have brought about lots of teal tones and lively reds and fiery mandarin shades. Normally toward the close of summer I would expect to see the transition of very subtle colors, many resembling that of mainly neutral tones. However, I’ve been noticing that fall is already becoming partial to red; nothing fancy or straying from the ordinary. I’m talking about your familiar, typical strawberry red. In addition to that, I’m pleased and pretty excited that wine (or better known as “burgundy” to many of you) is making an appearance in a lot of the early fall collections that I’ve already seen so far. It’s a fantastically rich and powerful color that could never cease to catch your attention but it still finds a way to work well with the toned down, deep, and earthy/metallic shades that we best associate with autumn. Red (and wine, for that matter) have never been my colors of choice but I’m eager to actually give them a shot and I can personally bet you that I grow to love them a lot more quickly than I could have thought possible.


Bebe Peplum Pencil Skirt in red; $69


Bebe Quilted Bow Clutch in red; $69


Rag & Bone Audry Top in red; $255


So the question is, are you loving this color trend?



Guess Moto Zip Skinny Pants in wine; $108

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I stumbled upon these new pumps online and it was instantaneous love. However, my opinion was swayed when I read some of the reviews that other people gave about them. Normally, I wouldn’t allow others’ judgments to muddle my vision of something that I consider truly stylish. Yet for whatever reason, I was particularly curious to see what all you bloggers thought of these new “Nicola Cuff Ankle Pin Heels” from Bebe. Let’s break it down, shall we?


  • Spectacular turquoise hue
  • Ankle cuff
  • Extended platform
  • Peep-toe


  • Narrow heel may lack stability (a.k.a. poor functionality)
  • Patent leather finish cheapens the overall look
  • The price point is high ($149) and especially not beneficial for a non-designer shoe whose appearance and function may not appeal to the mass markets

All in all, the heel is one that I do adore, just as I do with any other piece of crazy, creative fashion. I do appreciate hearing what you have to say about specific, new, trendy products. Therefore go ahead, dish away!

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Kyle Striped Colorblock Platfrom from Bebe; $98

Everything is peachy keen with this S&H segment based around a rather peachy palette of color. I think this time of year calls for a little color and cheer to accompany the nice weather and what better to brighten up a day than some pink with a splash of orange? My handbag

Colorblock Shoulder Tote from Bebe; $89

choice this time is incredibly reasonably priced and the bag is a dead ringer for the exact match to the shoes. The purse and heels are brand new from Bebe and the heels would be adorable paired with a romper, summer capris, or a loose and flirty dress. It’s okay to incorporate bright, vivacious colors into your wardrobe and still appear trendy!

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Bebe has once again stolen my heart and my wallet. My S&H segment is based upon to-die-for killer heels and a

Dita Gilded Slingback from Bebe, $198

stunning handbag. The heels are more like a work of art rather than wearable shoes. They’re a steep $198 but well worth it if you can afford it. I love the top lift embellishment on the heel and although they look difficult to walk in I’m sure they’d be a piece of cake for all of you heel-walking gurus. They’re called Dita Gilded Slingback and they do come in alternative colors if that’s what tickles your fancy because I know that everyday black can seem boring but these shoes are far from boring, regardless of the color.

The handbag that I selected is one that I think would go well with the trim on the shoe as well as the heel itself. It’s by none other than Michael Kors and it’s called the Tonne Large Shoulder Tote and if I could have one wish, it would be for this bag to be about $900 cheaper than it retails for! It’s $995 but beautifully crafted with champagne leather and lots of stylish hardware. They still have some in stock online if you’re interested!

Michael Kors Tonne Large Shoulder Tote, $995

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Rimless Scallop Sunglasses from Bebe, $79

Obsession alert! Obsession alert! I know that way back when I posted a pair of retro, unique, low-stem sunglasses with a funky shape to them and this pair right here reminded me of them and pretty much take the cake for my favorite sunglasses to rock for the sunny summer season. They’re rimless, for one, and they’re from Bebe. The color is a stretch from your typical dark lenses and I just love everything about them, plain and simple. They’re retro, and to sum it all up, they’re quite honestly smashing. Yes, that’s right, SMASHING. And surprisingly, my eyes couldn’t help but linger on a pair of shades in a shade that has never been my favorite; they’re called Baby Cake from Bebe and they’re a vibrant shade of red which I’m shocked to love so much. Red has never been my color of choice but I’m thinking these sunglasses could break my resistance against the passionate color. Just wanted to share!


Baby Cake Sunglasses from Bebe, $109

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