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How crazy looking yet unique and creative are these Christian Louboutin 4.7 inch heels?! From the colors to the pattern, it literally reminds me of something from elementary school that I may have doodled in art class with the triangular ridges and whatnot. It’s inspiration comes from the vibrant Mexican culture. No one else but Christian Louboutin could pull off a design like this on a 4-figure shoe and have it still be stylish and fabulous. This spring is pretty much “no holds barred” where any colors or crazy looks go, so the bold and striking look of these heels fit right in. Just to give it that much more personality (as if it needs it) he goes on to throw in some zebra print on the inner sole of the shoe. Why not, right? Although all his shoes catch my attention, this one really had me. I just had to share with you all!

Happy Fashion & Happy Thursday 🙂


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