Inspiration Day 6

Some are saying it’s the “rise of oversize”? However you want to label it, “bigger is better” is making a comeback, and it’s gaining its speed starting with huge, overdone coats for fall 2012. I always love a petite, fitted peacoat for the fall and winter, but maybe a figure-swallowing, oversized piece of outerwear makes more sense against the harsh weather of the outdoors. It may not be sexy, but apparently it’s trendy, and sometimes that’s all that matters.



Inspiration Day 5

An infinity scarf detailed with some unnecessary snaps along the edge. It adds some pizzazz to any casual outfit. Looooove it.


Inspiration Day 4

Because during this time of year, a long-sleeved dress is necessary for many occasions. And yes, they’re very sexy. I recently invested in one myself and I love it. They’re perfect for weekend nights out during the fall.


Inspiration Day 3


It works for this time of year. It’s that simple. There’s always hype surrounding pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin flavored beer, and pretty much anything else you can think of. So why not add some pumpkin color to your daily ensembles? The burnt orange hue brings out the colors of her scarf, and the subtle beige and brown tones complete the rest of this slouchy, stylish, and comfy outfit.

L-O-V-E I-T.


Inspiration Day 2

Booties. Scrunched socks. Optional tights.

Booties are a fall must-have and adorable in and of themselves, but sometimes they can use a little sprucing up and what better way than by gaining some assistance from a cozy and cute pair of slouchy socks? If you’re not into the idea of tights then sub them with leggings. Either way, an adorable inspiration for your feet.


Let’s be real and let’s be straightforward and to the point; fashion inspires us all at any and all times, but there is no denying the fact that this time of year is when many of us feel the most inspired to mix and match layers, fabrics, and create an abundance of looks using just neutral colors alone. As much as I love the fresh color palettes and whimsical looks of spring and the bright colors and sexy, simple looks of summer, the fall tends to be a time that is most fun to experiment with fashion, in my opinion. Fall fashion is also a great buffer for the famously inclement wintertime. Since the official kickoff of autumn is in just three days, I figured I would start just a few days soon by posting inspirational fashion looks that are appropriate for the season at the time being and gradually post fall-inspired styles every day, over the course of the next month, until we’re well into the season. If you’re at a loss for making your cardigans, bulky sweaters, and scarves more versatile or you’re unsure of how to make more of a statement with your wardrobe, then I hope that these brief suggestions and inspirational, “self-explanatory” photos will help you and answer any questions you may have. There will be something new each and every day so not only do I hope that these unique fashion ideas inspire you, I hope that it gets you that much more excited about those “not so special” days where you rock your most casual of outfits. After all,

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” -Ralph Lauren


It may be past labor day, but until we’re deep into autumn, white blazers are refreshing and stylish and a great complement to a subtle animal print. A good animal print will never go out of style and what better time to wear them than now? I also love the blush tones and the rose gold jewelry. It’s perfect.


We’re officially two days away from one of fashion’s most exciting and celebrated nights in history! September always marks a huge time for all players in the fashion world; some of the biggest fashion magazine issues hit the stands, designers and brands alike are given a new slate for fashion (out with summer, in with autumn), and runway shows and fashion events hit cities everywhere to commence a new and highly anticipated season in fashion. It only makes sense to have a night out with fashion in the first week of September, right? On Thursday, September 6th (a day after my birthday, yes!) models, celebrities, designers, editors, and those who just have a profound love for fashion will join together in countries and cities around the world to enjoy and indulge in Fashion’s Night Out, an evening of fashion-filled goodness.

What can you expect for FNO? For one, certain retailers will be taunting the masses with gobs of limited edition products. Depending on your location, you can also expect special celebrity appearances, performances, runway shows, and dozens of activities and events all pertaining to what else but fashion. Follow the link that I posted below for more details and information about FNO near you:


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