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Photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue, January 2008

I love this photograph; it greatly expresses one of this season’s trends (one of which we cannot stop talking about) in a more high fashion manner. Love the prints and love those vibrant colors.


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We all know that floral prints are big this season; there’s no questioning that. However, did you know that lace is making a comeback like never before? I’ve pretty much immersed you in all things colorful, bold, and printed for the past month or two. However, lace is hellbent on expressing itself this spring and I can’t say that I have a problem with it! Lace is beautiful in dresses, skirts, even shirts. But what about shorts? Yeah, it sounds a little risque but they’re actually pretty adorable if you’re willing to take the plunge. Something else that people aren’t exactly eager to wear are floral pants. Shirts and dresses are one thing, but the blossoming print is something that can be a bit much if too much of it is worn. That’s why I ask, are floral pants, complete with roses, lotus flowers, and lilies a style that you wouldn’t mind experimenting with this spring?

Which do you prefer: lace shorts, floral pants, both, or neither? I’d be interested to hear your opinions!


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How crazy looking yet unique and creative are these Christian Louboutin 4.7 inch heels?! From the colors to the pattern, it literally reminds me of something from elementary school that I may have doodled in art class with the triangular ridges and whatnot. It’s inspiration comes from the vibrant Mexican culture. No one else but Christian Louboutin could pull off a design like this on a 4-figure shoe and have it still be stylish and fabulous. This spring is pretty much “no holds barred” where any colors or crazy looks go, so the bold and striking look of these heels fit right in. Just to give it that much more personality (as if it needs it) he goes on to throw in some zebra print on the inner sole of the shoe. Why not, right? Although all his shoes catch my attention, this one really had me. I just had to share with you all!

Happy Fashion & Happy Thursday 🙂

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H&M really is capturing my heart these days. I can’t help but love all of these collections they’re coming out with and the leaps and bounds they’re taking with their style choices. I saw a sneak peak from the lookbook of their new 2012 Exclusive Conscious Collection, which will only be available in select stores on April 12th, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

The collection says enough for itself. Think: vivid colors, sharp silhouettes, and cool cuts and fabrics. Here’s a little glimpse. Enjoy.

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The bandeau is picking up some speed this season. It’s popular not only as a bikini top style, but also as a shirt in and of itself. It’s cute to wear with a casual blazer, jacket, or layer piece over it and also with something a little higher waisted (we’re not quite back to the days of the complete bare midriff like Britney Spears used to rock). I’ve also seen it being used as a substitute for a camisole underneath something a little more sheer. Be careful how you wear it, but when you do wear it, do so with confidence! I would advise to hold off until the warmer weather rolls around (they give off a better statement in the summer). I absolutely love this bowed bandeau that I saw online. It’s so adorable! Mixing it with the orange hues just paints a picture of summer in which I want to just lay in the sun and snack on a creamsicle. This particular bandeau is very cute and I needed to share it. Try finding different bandeau styles at places like Guess or Forever21.

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What did you all think of the debut of the newest show “Fashion Star” last night?! I loved it! I think it’s a unique concept and something fantastic for fashion lovers to indulge in. Many of the buyers were really critical, in my opinion, resulting in a lot of “no offers” when bidding time came for each designer’s pieces, but then again I can understand that they’re investing in something major for their company so they have specific qualifications that they keep in mind when deciding. And yes, you really can purchase these as of today in all H&M stores and online. However, keep in mind that these designs are selling out fast since they caught so much attention and popularity through the show. I checked online for the EP 1 dress designed by Sarah and it’s no longer available on the website! Not only is it an amazing design but it’s also set at an amazing price!

EP 1 Dress by Sarah; $19.95 at H&M

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Crazy combinations of bold, in-your-face prints, nostalgic shapes and colors, and a throwback to the style of clothing typically associated with another decade in time, Marni makes a mark at H&M. Officially available to the public through stores as well as online, Marni for H&M dares style lovers everywhere to be nothing other than bold in the separate pieces, ensembles, and quirky accessories that form the newest collection for the popular retailer. Whether it’s your print choice or color preference, spring is all about being bold. That’s it.

Be. Bold.

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