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N.Y.L.A. Dallas Ankle Wrap Sandal; $49.94; http://www.dsw.com

Every year around this time, fashion mavens around the globe are wondering what the newest trend in footwear will be for the impending warm weather. The gladiator sandal was a big hit for awhile, but that look has quickly turned into something of ancient history. Odd silhouettes, crazy cut-outs, block heels, chunky wedges, extreme colors, bejeweled sandals, and whimsical ballerina flats are all trends that we love and we’ve seen hit it big. So what should we expect for this summer? I think that I may have possibly uncovered the newest popular phase in footwear: set your applause for the ankle wrap sandal.

It sounds completely unattractive and something you may be ordered to wear coming out of a hospital after a bad sprain. Of course, in the game of fashion, this fortunately isn’t the case. Picture a typical strappy sandal with a suede wrap adhered to the top that can be adjusted and tied to your desired fit – this, my friends, creates the ankle wrap sandal. The overall look is not conventional nor appealing. However, they’re innovative and different and it takes someone serious about fashion to brave the look. What do you think?

Is this look one to adore or ignore? I personally think it could catch on. In other words, adore 🙂


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