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Serious Sleeves

Serious sleeves? I think so. And the model? The younger sister of Kate Moss. I love everything about the tiers of ruffled sleeves AND the fact that this is her first photo shoot ever.


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Apparently spring is bringing about a blossoming trend of floral denim; I’m all for colored denim (as you’d know from previous posts), but I don’t know how I feel about printed denim, particularly floral denim. It just doesn’t scream “TREND!” to me. Nevertheless, I do have a soft spot for floral patterns on fun and feminine skirts. Paired with a solid top, they’re charming and beautiful.

Draped Viola Skirt; $98; Anthropologie.com

I especially love this one from Anthropologie with a faux wrap look known as the ‘Draped Viola Skirt’.

Simply fabulous.

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N.Y.L.A. Dallas Ankle Wrap Sandal; $49.94; http://www.dsw.com

Every year around this time, fashion mavens around the globe are wondering what the newest trend in footwear will be for the impending warm weather. The gladiator sandal was a big hit for awhile, but that look has quickly turned into something of ancient history. Odd silhouettes, crazy cut-outs, block heels, chunky wedges, extreme colors, bejeweled sandals, and whimsical ballerina flats are all trends that we love and we’ve seen hit it big. So what should we expect for this summer? I think that I may have possibly uncovered the newest popular phase in footwear: set your applause for the ankle wrap sandal.

It sounds completely unattractive and something you may be ordered to wear coming out of a hospital after a bad sprain. Of course, in the game of fashion, this fortunately isn’t the case. Picture a typical strappy sandal with a suede wrap adhered to the top that can be adjusted and tied to your desired fit – this, my friends, creates the ankle wrap sandal. The overall look is not conventional nor appealing. However, they’re innovative and different and it takes someone serious about fashion to brave the look. What do you think?

Is this look one to adore or ignore? I personally think it could catch on. In other words, adore 🙂

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Awhile back I posted about Paris fashion trends for fall of 2011, one of which involved the ultra feminine and structured peplum skirt. If you feel comfortable in pencil skirts but also love the fun of pleats and flare, the peplum is like the lovechild of the two. Not only is this stacked look with a flared top over a fitted bottom a favored look for skirts and dresses, it’s also becoming big with shirts, believe it or not, where the flare sits at the bottom and the body hugging happens at the top.




It’s also fun to pair a peplum shirt with a regular pencil skirt. Monochromatic peplum dresses or two-toned peplum dresses inspire a vintage, classic, and lady-like silhouette. Celebrities love the look and you may find yourself sporting peplum this spring and summer.


Array of Peplum

Peplum Shirt With Pencil Skirt

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A few weeks back I clued you all in on the fact that Jason Wu made the very wise decision to translate his coveted couture pieces into a collection that is geared more toward the language of the mass markets (cue the excitement!) Well, if you haven’t heard the buzz or you didn’t remember from my previous post, the collection is now yours to buy. And yes, it’s yours to keep. I’ll tell you something, I cannot get over the idea that I will now be able to marvel over the Wu that will reside in my closet. Aside from the individual affordable prices, it’s mind-blowing to me that you can actually buy an entire outfit for no more than $100. Now that the collection is actually available, I was able to browse more of the pieces on Target’s website, whereas before, I was getting sneak peaks only. There’s a nice little myriad of shift dresses to choose from, my favorite being the one that is shown below. I love the fact that it has the fresh vibrancy to it with the spring tones of pink and yellow but it’s outlined with a bold black, which still constitutes a winter feel. It’s a good transitional piece between the seasons, which is a good way to ease into your spring wardrobe without feeling season shocked. Aside from clothes, Jason has created fabulous accessories, too. Some of his bags are geared more toward that boxy satchel and top handle look, which I think will be big in the spring. Go check it out at your nearest Target location!

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Melesse Peep-Toe Pump; Guess.com; $110

Although Guess is now the fashion brand for both classic and contemporary looks, they can be best known for the classic look of their famous black and white advertisements. Speaking of black and white and classic, the same can be said about this pair of Melesse Peep-Toe Pumps by Guess. I wanted to share this because classic looks and safe colors can always find ways to reinvent themselves to become unique, cute, and stylish. If bright colors and hue mixing scares you, this shoe is a perfect example of the classic black and white combo in a Maryjane-inspired 5-inch pump. The T-strap and peep-toe put a sexy twist on these cute shoes. They would be paired really well with leggings or a trumpet or flared skirt.

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It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about spring trends. After all, we’re at the tail end of winter and March will be here before you know it. This is the perfect time to set aside a date to engage in some spring cleaning and start thinking in “nice weather mode” when shopping for clothes and accessories. I know it’s tempting to still want to purchase that adorable sweater or those Steve Madden boots you’ve been eying over and over again, but your realist self needs to remember that you have tons of that stuff in your closet now and by next winter, the trend may have taken a completely different turn. Invest your money (and time) in buying pieces here and there that are spring suitable until you have a collection worth drooling over (and one in which the possibilities can be endless!) Need some help with what to buy? With the help of my research and the forecasts that I stumbled upon from some serious sources such as Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour.com, I want to share with you the styles and trends that you should keep a lookout for in the upcoming months.

Gatsby Inspired

Tory Burch

Hue Awareness: Bold Colors and Classic Pastels and Sorbets

Victoria Beckham

Marc Jacobs

Colorful Camo

Derek Lam and Lela Rose

                Bold Prints: Flower and African

Jason Wu

Zero Maria Cornejo

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