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Get your Italian fashion fix with Prada’s Spring 2012 campaign. Retro-inspired, this line plays around with prints that look like they’re from an era in time long ago. The shapes and silhouettes of the dresses, skirts, and little one-piece suit are from a memory in time in which many of us probably never experienced first-hand, but the power of trend recycling and bringing back styles that once dominated a decade are enough for many of us to be able to feel the power of fashion and how it transforms as society and culture does. Citrus and blush tones rule the major garments and accessories that Prada has put out for spring. I love the fact that scarves are still present even when transitioning into spring, expect with this season, they’re lighter and being utilized in different ways, such as being used as a head scarf or being tied around the neck instead of draped over the shoulders or hanging loosely. That lemon tote is also great for spring (and even summer) and one that will be sure to catch the attention of those passing by. The idea of having these very fashion forward ladies adorned in their vintage frocks sitting on classic cars at a gas station is totally chic.


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