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Happy New Year!

I hope that all you fashionistas and style mavens have a fabulous, fun, and safe new year! As much as everyone wants to make and not break new year’s resolutions, I always say that it’s a new year, old habits. Hopefully you can all make one solid resolution that you can sustain throughout the year. While we’re on the subject, are there any fashion resolutions that you want to make, change, etc.? Perhaps vow to wear heels to work every single work day and flats only during the day on the weekends? May be a bit radical but you get the point. What are you all wearing tonight? I opted for an iridescent purple sequined dress that’s sleeveless which is why I’m choosing to wear a black blazer over it with asparagus colored platform heels. It should be a fun night and one I’m sure you are all looking forward to! I’ll be sure to blog with you all next year 😉



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Whistles Nina Pocket Overcoat

For reasons unstated yet understandable, the color orange is actually the least desired hue among most adults. However, I’ve been observing a lot of pops of orange emerging among fine leather handbags and ready-to-wear pieces that are so cute and fabulous that it just makes you want to dress yourself in orange from head to toe. While browsing some of the holiday collection at Michael Kors, I could not help but notice the multiple burnt orange colored handbags and wallets in the display window. I went on to notice the color in other window displays of other big names. I did some research online and found that many styles of clothing had the “tangerine option” in case you wanted to branch out beyond the usual black, white, or navy.

Although I liked the color as a child and outgrew it very quickly,  I do think that it has an attention-grabbing and fierce quality about it that is going to be more popular than you may think when the winter blues wash away. I might be jumping the gun on color forecasting, but the bright tangerine color is one that I think is sure to be a hit for spring/summer. We all need  a little orange in our wardrobes sometimes, right?

Michael Kors Medium Bedford Ostrich Embossed Dressy Tote in Tangerine

All of these tangerine looks can be found at:




Chloe silk crepe de chine blouse

Mini Bow Shirt Dress

Tangerine Flare Skirt Dress

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I personally want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you all get fabulous gifts and wear fabulous outfits to all your holiday parties this weekend. When stripped of all its glitz and glam, it’s important to stay in the Christmas spirit and remember what it’s really all about. I’ll be back in commission in a few days with some new posts!

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Want to have the perfect pair of post-winter shoes on standby when April weather rolls around? Whimsical, delicate, feminine ballerina flats are probably the ideal choice for easing into the season of blooming flowers and mild spring air. Although pastel colors, fun prints, and light fabrics are all typically representative of this season, I do predict that we’re going to be seeing a huge abundance of fun, playful, romantic, and ultra girly trends. Step out into spring with gorgeous flats adorned with dainty embellishments, sparkles, and arrays of beading.

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Thanks to Anthropologie and their amazing team of buyers, it has been made possible for you to sport the boldest and most unique neckwear to make quite a statement that is sure to not be forgotten anytime soon. I was browsing their website for fun last-minute gift ideas, and the onslaught of intricate necklaces as well as scarf necklaces proved to be too amazing to keep under wraps. Therefore, I want to share with you some of my favorites. Break out the rainy day savings and buy yourself a gorgeous necklace to wear with your little black dress to this year’s NYE party. You’ll be happy you did!

Stone Pop Necklace; $178

Coralline Scarf Necklace; $398


Thulean Necklace; $398

Chained Lace Bib; $468


Preciously Metal Necklace; $458


Mielie Necklace; $48

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A little fashion 411 for you all: Marc Jacobs, who was appointed creative director at Louis Vuitton in 1997, was recently given the opportunity to take over the coveted position that was once held by John Galliano at Dior. Choosing between Vuitton and Dior is like choosing between cupcakes and brownies. As one could imagine, Marc Jacobs is an amazing candidate since he’s a fashion genius, but turns out he turned down the offer and decided to sustain his time with Vuitton. His reasoning?

 “I am at Vuitton, and I am very happy there. I’ve been saying that for a long time. There have been on-and-off conversations about Dior. I don’t know; maybe someday in the future, maybe years from now, I may end up going someplace else, maybe Dior. But right now I am at Vuitton, and all that matters to me is that that’s where I am and I’m going to keep doing my thing.”

Not to mention that Mr. Jacobs is not as much of a fan of couture as you would predict. He basically explains that he respects what it is but feels that the creativity that you derive from making couture pieces can be found in ready-to-wear and when it comes down to it, couture designing is not as opportunistic as ready-to-wear because of the fact that there is not an ample demand for couture, couture is limited in the sense that it lacks an array of all different looks and pieces, and “there’s no advertising” with couture. His argument is a good one but the world of fashion does rely on the high-fashion creations of designers and the custom-made pieces that make you drool and pave the way for many ready-to-wear pieces.

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That’s right; there are about a hundred or more monikers for each unique look that is achieved through tying a scarf a different and creative way. We all are familiar with the basics – the one-loop, the classic drape, the European loop, the toss, and the infinity circle. However, tying your scarf the “celebrity way” or perhaps even as a “magic trick” or as the “Mira” or even in the form of “a boa” are ways that may be alien to many of you and more familiar to the rest of you than you think.

However, it takes a tutorial and seeing it done in action to remind you just how tying a scarf in an uncommon way can top off an outfit and make you look chic and stylish. I swear that scarf tying could be dubbed a craft that only those with the utmost skill should partake in. For those of you who don’t refer to it as a natural talent, you may want to take the 4.5 minutes and watch this video that I discovered. It’s undoubtedly the best tutorial video on scarf tying that I have ever watched. It’s concise, to the point, professional, well-edited, creative, and organized. I also like how at the end, you can click on each individual look and get the full, step-by-step verbal teaching of how to tie the scarf. I give her absolute props for coming up with what I deem as being the ultimate scarf tutorial in… history.

While on the subject of scarves, let me know what you think of these ascot-style scarves from Topshop. I am 150% obsessed with them and want to order one in every color. They are so preppy and classic and perfect for the ultimate accessory lover. They’re $28 a pop and well worth the indulgence!

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